Good news from the Ministry of Education

Vaccinate the school-age population with the new crown vaccine

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia under the normalization of school health management work was jointly issued by the general office of the Ministry of education and the general office of the health and Health Committee.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia (novel coronavirus pneumonia), Feng Qi, August 2nd, the Ministry of education and the general office of the health and Health Committee jointly issued the notice on Further Strengthening the management of school health under the normalization of the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, which is called the “notice”, which calls for further enhancing the awareness of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia in teachers and students. Strictly implement the requirements and measures for school health management under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

The circular made it clear that we should deeply understand the arduous and long-term nature of epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively promote the reform and development of epidemic prevention and control and education, effectively enhance the awareness of prevention and control, and resolutely put an end to lax mentality. Take the new crown vaccination of school-age people as an important part of the current school health management, reasonably plan the vaccination rhythm and progress, strengthen the guarantee of vaccination services, and promote it steadily and orderly in batches.

The notice requires that people should be prevented together and multiple diseases should be prevented together. We will strengthen environmental monitoring, ventilation and disinfection in key places such as classrooms, toilets, canteens and dormitories, strengthen the training of knowledge and skills of infectious diseases and disinfection, and improve the management process and supervision mechanism. The school shall carry out infectious disease publicity and education at least once a semester through various forms, strengthen the publicity of norovirus infectious diarrhea, tuberculosis, influenza and other infectious disease prevention and control knowledge, and guide teachers and students to develop good personal hygiene and living habits such as frequent hand washing, regular ventilation and scientific wearing masks.

In terms of standardizing daily health management, the notice points out that we should do a good job in the morning and afternoon inspection of primary and secondary schools, the registration of absenteeism due to illness, absenteeism and etiology tracking of the whole school section, and teachers and students can return to school only when their health status meets the requirements of school epidemic prevention. Actively use information-based means to provide early warning tips and timely optimize and adjust health management measures through data collection and intelligent analysis.

The notice requires that sports time should be increased. Strengthen physical education and extracurricular exercise, and strive to ensure that students have one hour of physical activity time in and out of school every day. On the day when there is no physical education class, the school shall organize students to carry out collective physical exercise after class and include it in the teaching plan. We will fully implement the system of large recess sports activities. Primary and secondary schools will uniformly arrange 30 minutes of large recess sports activities every day. Students should be arranged to go out of the classroom for appropriate activities and relaxation during each recess. Boarding schools should adhere to the morning exercise system.

At the same time, the notice proposes to allocate enough school health care personnel in accordance with national standards to ensure the conditions and funds for schools to carry out health care related work; Encourage qualified places to promote the practice of selecting and hiring “Vice Principals of health”; Strengthen supervision and inspection. The education administrative department at the county level shall include school health and health education into the scope of daily supervision, take the results as an important basis for assessing schools, and ensure the comprehensive and detailed implementation of various requirements and measures for school health management under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.