Good news from the Ministry of Education

The health status of teachers and students meets the requirements of school epidemic prevention

The Ministry of education and the National Health Commission recently informed that all localities and schools should strengthen the health management of teachers, students and employees, do a good job in morning and afternoon inspection of primary and secondary schools, absence registration due to illness, absence registration and cause tracking, and return to school only when the health status of teachers and students meets the requirements of school epidemic prevention.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control should be strengthened in the school health management work, according to the Ministry of education and the national health and health committee recently issued. “All schools and schools should have a deep understanding of the arduous and long-term nature of the epidemic prevention and control work, and enhance awareness of prevention and control.

The circular requires that all localities and schools should enhance the awareness of people in the same prevention and multi disease prevention under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen environmental monitoring, ventilation and killing in key places such as classrooms, toilets, canteens and dormitories; We should actively contact the community, transportation, public security, urban management, market supervision and other relevant departments to ensure the health and safety around the campus and strengthen the improvement of environmental sanitation in the school.

The notice made it clear that all localities and schools should strengthen physical education and extracurricular exercise, and strive to ensure that students have one hour of physical activity time in and out of school every day. On the day when there is no physical education class, the school shall organize students to carry out collective physical exercise after class and include it in the teaching plan.

In addition, all localities should allocate enough school health care personnel in accordance with national standards to ensure the conditions and financial guarantee for schools to carry out health care related work. Primary and secondary schools should establish a school health management system and mechanism in which the president takes overall responsibility, the leaders in charge of the school take the lead and the relevant departments implement it. Encourage qualified places to promote the practice of selecting and hiring “health Vice Principals”.