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Master’s thesis of the University

When many graduate students need to consult relevant materials when writing their papers, the first thing they think of is HowNet – Chinese literature can read faster. With more visits, some careful graduate students will find that they often can’t see the master’s thesis of some top universities such as Peking University and Xi’an Jiaotong University on the HowNet. Usually, if you want to deeply and systematically understand what problems, you can often only see the abstract when you find a relatively new master’s thesis.


Why can’t some well-known colleges and universities get their new master’s thesis online?

The primary reason is that colleges and universities do not cooperate with HowNet.

Whether master or doctor, there is usually a page of authorization in the graduation thesis, which requires the author of the thesis to authorize the university to use the thesis. Therefore, if HowNet does not get authorization from the author of the paper, and the university itself does not cooperate with HowNet, the University’s master’s and doctoral dissertation will not be uploaded to HowNet for public.

HowNet is an enterprise, not a national department, and there is no possibility of compulsory obtaining University dissertations. This transaction must be voluntary by both parties. Whether to upload HowNet is the independent choice of colleges and universities.

Some universities have their own databases of academic papers. For example, Wanfang database was built by Peking University itself. Naturally, it rarely uploads papers to the China HowNet controlled by Tsinghua University.

Some colleges and universities are unwilling to cooperate with HowNet because its fees are too expensive. Every graduation season, students complain about HowNet’s “black heart”, “expensive weight checking” and “expensive fees”… HowNet’s high fees are a well-known fact in the academic community. Hundreds of duplicate checking fees are a hot topic in the graduation season every year. However, after scolding for so many years, HowNet charges have become more and more expensive. The end is that “I will stand firm regardless of your ups and downs”.

Students without income sources can not afford to use HowNet, and many colleges and universities can not afford to complain. In January 2016, Wuhan University of technology suspended the subscription of HowNet due to the high price rise of HowNet; In March of the same year, Peking University suspended its subscription to HowNet because of its rapid price rise. With a quick search, announcements of suspension of HowNet access by universities and libraries can be found everywhere.

Source: Baidu

HowNet abuses the monopoly of academic resources, and the quotation for university libraries has been rising sharply for many years. Colleges and universities without bargaining power are in a weak position and can only be forced to accept it. Therefore, many colleges and universities are unwilling to have too much cooperation with HowNet. It is not surprising that the master’s thesis is not uploaded to HowNet.

In addition, top universities have basically purchased a large number of relevant foreign database resources. For many disciplines, especially science and engineering, it is relatively more necessary to learn from and query foreign research results for querying references and doing academic research. However, the academic resources collected in foreign databases are enough, so the demand for domestic academic resources is not high, It makes sense not to upload papers.

In addition to the poor cooperation between colleges and universities and HowNet, another reason is that the author of the thesis is unwilling to upload his dissertation to HowNet.

After passing the defense of his graduation thesis, Dr. Shuo will receive the authorization to upload his thesis to HowNet, and can choose whether to upload it or not. Nowadays, more and more masters and doctors in top universities will choose not to upload HowNet.

The biggest reason is that the author thinks that HowNet is too dark. HowNet does not publish papers and puts ready-made electronic versions into its own library. On the one hand, it can earn download fees, on the other hand, it can also check duplicate fees. The author has to pay for downloading his own paper!

For example, for a doctoral thesis, a typical authorization consent is usually expressed as follows:

If the author of the doctoral thesis authorizes the journal to have a non exclusive right of use, the journal will pay the doctoral author of each thesis a one-time “CNKI series database general search reading card” worth 400 yuan and a cash remuneration of 100 yuan.

After reading this passage, many doctors feel that “it is not harmful, but extremely insulting”. You know, it takes three or five hundred to double check a doctoral thesis on HowNet, and two or three hundred to download a thesis. In contrast, 100 yuan of cash remuneration and 400 yuan of “reading card” are about equal to white Piao. It is said that in recent years, HowNet has also lowered the remuneration of paper authors in the name of public welfare, which has aroused widespread dissatisfaction.

Of course, for excellent papers, HowNet is still willing to spend money. After all, the number of downloads in the future can be expected to make more money. HowNet will take the initiative to contact excellent doctoral thesis authors and want to sign a publishing agreement with the authors. Some authors have published several articles of the agreement on the Internet. I believe anyone who receives such a full pit agreement may not be able to resist swearing. You can experience it yourself.

Source: Zhihu (Party B is HowNet)

After writing their graduation thesis, some paper authors also want to publish their own journal papers or publish their own, fearing that they will be plagiarized or edited within the time difference. The quality of master’s and doctoral dissertations in well-known universities is very high, which is the crystallization of the author’s hard work. Today, when the intellectual property protection system is still immature, many master’s and doctoral dissertations are openly sold on Taobao and other network platforms, and even rewritten and copied. Humanities, especially this kind of academic misconduct, is the hardest hit area. His hard-earned academic achievements turned into a new paper “original” by others, and the original author of the paper is often unable to safeguard his due rights because of insufficient evidence and limited energy. Therefore, many authors simply choose not to upload HowNet public papers.