At least 12 kinds of food in the school cafeteria every day

Reported by parents

As a teacher, it’s good to teach and educate people in the school. Don’t always want to make up lessons to earn extra money. This is not true. Parents design traps for teachers to make up lessons and are punished by the Education Bureau.

A student’s parent asked a teacher to make up a missed lesson for his child and promised to pay a missed lesson fee of 9000. After his child was admitted to high school, the parent sued the teacher to the Education Bureau. The missed lesson fee was refunded and the teacher was punished. Look, the parent is proud!

The parent also asked his child to record at the make-up class site. The make-up class fee was transferred through wechat, and the witness and material evidence were all there. The teacher had to refund the make-up class fee and accept punishment. The mute ate Coptis chinensis and tasted the pain. The parent’s means are shocking. Is it the parents who don’t talk about martial ethics, or the teachers who don’t talk about martial ethics?

Therefore, the majority of teachers and friends are still steadfast in teaching good books in the school. Don’t do other paid make-up classes. They can’t get fat after working hard for more than three or five fights. They may vomit back and be punished. Why bother?

The above information comes from netizens.

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