The school system of primary and secondary schools is changed from “6 + 3” to “5 + 4”

With the reform of Education

The general job ratio has become 5:5

This means that there will be 50% of junior middle school students

Unable to enter high school

Students who fail in the high school entrance examination face two choices:

Go to vocational high school or technical school

How to choose between the two?

It has become a headache for parents

Even if the vocational school is “rotten”

And don’t send your children to private technical schools

It is mainly reflected in the following aspects

Some time ago, it was suggested that the current education model in China has a long period of cultivating talents, and it is suggested that the state shorten the school system.

Although the relevant departments have not adopted this proposal for the time being, the people have many ideas about the proposal to shorten the school system.

Some people think that China’s primary and secondary schools have a long time, especially in primary school. Almost the whole sixth grade is reviewing, and it is good to shorten the school system, so that we can graduate early and have more time to work and create our own value.

However, some people think that the current school system is very in line with the current level of China’s educational development. After all, there may be many unknown problems when entering the society too early, so we can’t take risks easily.

After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, China has made several reforms to the primary and secondary school system, and finally established the nine-year compulsory education and the 6 + 3 education model. However, there are still a few areas in China that have been implementing the 5 + 4 education model, such as Shandong.

From September 1

Primary and secondary school system from “6 + 3”

Change to “5 + 4” mode?

The curriculum in primary school is relatively few and the learning time is abundant. Most students have been doing well in primary school.

However, after primary school study, many students will feel very hard to study after entering junior high school, and even feel that they can’t complete their learning tasks every day.

Many people analyze that this is because there are many courses in junior middle school, but the learning time is only three years, the time is tight and the task is heavy, so students will inevitably feel pressure.

If we can change the previous 6 + 3 model of compulsory education to 5 + 4 model without shortening the school system, many people agree.

Such a statement has also been widely spread on the Internet. Some people say that from September 1 this year, primary and secondary schools will implement the 5 + 4 school system.

Because it is now in the summer vacation, and the beginning of school in September is the new semester, many parents of primary and secondary school students are very worried after hearing the news.

I don’t know whether the news is true or false. If it is true, won’t their children become the first batch of experimental subjects to accept reform?

Many parents are very anxious because they are unable to determine the authenticity of the incident.