Good news from the Ministry of Education

“Double reduction” helps to improve the ecology of Education

“Students’ excessive homework burden and after-school training burden, family education expenditure and parents’ corresponding energy burden were effectively reduced within one year, achieved remarkable results within three years, and the people’s education satisfaction was significantly improved.” Recently, the central office and the State Council Office issued the opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education, and issued a notice requiring all regions and departments to earnestly implement it in combination with reality.

Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood, and all sectors of society pay close attention to it. During the NPC and CPPCC sessions this year, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “the outstanding problems that are strongly reflected on the masses should be kept firmly in mind and must be changed to the point where the education banner infringes the interests of the masses.” The issuance and implementation of the opinions is a vivid manifestation of adhering to the people-centered principle, enhancing people’s well-being and responding to people’s educational concerns《 The opinion conveys the strong determination of the Party Central Committee to resolutely prevent acts against the interests of the masses and build a good education ecology from the strategic height of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It is a major arrangement made from the perspective of the overall plan of the country and the overall plan of the party.

This is an important document with the goal of reducing students’ excessive homework burden and after-school training burden in the stage of compulsory education, focusing on effectively improving the level of school education, continuously standardizing after-school training, building a high-quality education system, building a good education ecology, and promoting students’ all-round development and healthy growth《 The opinions coordinates both inside and outside the school, strengthens the main position role of school education, and deepens the governance of out of school training institutions. In the school, it is required to further improve the education and teaching quality and service level of the school, make the assignment more scientific and reasonable, basically meet the needs of students after class, and make students return to the campus better. In terms of off campus training, we have comprehensively standardized the training behavior of off campus training institutions, basically eliminated all kinds of chaos in discipline off campus training, and gradually cooled down the heat of off campus training. Give consideration to the internal and external problems of school implementation, and highlight the deep-seated contradictions between school implementation and external education.

This is also an important decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee for the short-sighted and utilitarian problems existing in the stage of compulsory education, especially the disorderly development of after-school training institutions, and the prominent phenomenon of “reducing the burden inside the school and increasing the burden outside the school”《 The opinions comprehensively serves the national strategy and promotes the all-round development of students. On the one hand, it requires that from the perspective of serving the national strategic needs and socialist modernization, we should reverse the unscientific education evaluation orientation of “only score” and “only study”, cultivate innovative spirit, innovative ability and comprehensive quality, and cultivate talents for the party and the country; On the other hand, from the perspective of promoting students’ all-round development, it is required to liberate students from the heavy burden of homework and after-school training, return the time that should belong to students’ free exploration and healthy physical and mental development, give full play to their interests and specialties, guide students’ comprehensive and personalized development, and truly experience the joy of learning and the happiness of childhood, Grow into a socialist builder and successor with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor.

In view of the implementation path of comprehensive treatment, the opinions scientifically plans special treatment and long-term mechanism construction. Special treatment reflects a clear attitude《 The opinions has made great efforts to standardize the problems that violate the law of education, impact school education, destroy the educational ecology and violate the fairness of education. Show a long-term vision with reform and innovation《 The opinions makes clear requirements for deepening the reform of education evaluation, changing education and teaching methods, improving the level of teachers, continuously improving the quality of school education and strengthening the main position of school education, so as to fundamentally consolidate the institutional basis for the continuous and effective implementation of the “double reduction” work and escort the scientific and in-depth development of work.

“Double reduction” is a systematic project involving many interest groups. Parents and society are important responsibility subjects to do a good job in the “double reduction”, close family school contact, create a good social education atmosphere, coordinate the strength of schools, society and families, and truly form a “three one” sports personality bureau with mutual understanding and support, so as to ensure the maximization of governance effect. Carefully organize the implementation to achieve practical results. Students’ excessive homework burden and after-school training burden, family education expenditure and parents’ corresponding energy burden will be significantly reduced, and the quality of education will be further improved.