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Normal majors are hot because of their stable work

How much do young people like to be teachers?

According to media reports, in some provinces such as Tianjin and Yunnan, the investment line of professional groups in subordinate normal universities has soared. The admission line of central China Normal University is only 13 points lower than that of Peking University and Tsinghua University. The admission line of Northeast Normal University even exceeds that of Zhejiang University, and non subordinate normal universities are also rising.

This is also in line with our perception of public opinion. In recent years, the recruitment of primary and secondary school teachers in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are almost all graduates of famous schools such as Qingbei.

These facts all point to a phenomenon that normal majors are becoming hot, and young people are more willing to be teachers.

However, many netizens believe that many young people choose only because the job of teacher is more stable. Is this really the case?

It must be admitted that “stability” is an attractive job orientation in any era. After all, the predictable future can always give people a stable sense of happiness. The work of teachers is generally considered to be synonymous with “job stability”, especially in the increasingly fierce workplace competition, it is not incomprehensible that teachers are more attractive as a profession.

However, we can’t think of things so simply.

In the past, people always used to describe teachers as “spring silkworms end when they die” and “chalk gray dyed their temples white”. This profession always had a “tragic color” such as “dedication” and “suffering”. But today’s teachers’ professional image has changed.

Think about the teachers we see in movies and TV dramas such as xiaoshede and xiaohuanxi. They dress appropriately, walk with wind, have self-confidence in speech and behavior, handsome boys and beautiful girls. In a word, it’s more “fan”.

What does that mean? In short, teachers are more professional and have a higher status.

With the improvement of education level and the society’s desire for high-quality educational resources, teachers’ professional quality, development space, treatment and welfare and social status have been greatly improved. Today, this profession can give a practitioner full self-identity.

Therefore, young people choose to become a career not only for “stability”, but because this career really gives them a real “sense of gain”.

Of course, this is a good thing. The teaching profession should have gold content. There is a frequently quoted saying, “educate a tree, shake another tree, one cloud promotes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul”. The impact of education on a person is a lifetime. Meeting an excellent teacher can be called a lifetime of luck. Why not let the best people play such an important role?

Of course, we should also remind young people that it is not shabby to talk about treatment and future, but teachers still need some idealism after all.

Because teachers are not only a professional ordinary work, but also a personal social role. To be a teacher is to transfer knowledge at a shallow level and shape the soul at a deep level. This identity itself needs a little personality strength. Future teachers can’t live without this awareness.