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The post-90s and post-00s are the main medical and aesthetic consumer groups

Originally, she only wanted to treat acne, but she was fooled into cutting her double eyelids. This summer vacation, Chen Meiqi, a senior student who wanted to become beautiful, became “European big double eyelids”. However, her anxiety about her appearance has not been alleviated, “she always feels unnatural and unlike herself.”

Previously, she had been troubled by the deep and shallow acne marks on her face. As soon as you open your mobile phone, in various online social software, short video platforms and the live broadcast room of beauty bloggers, star netizens are “peddling” beauty, including “tutorials” about how to become beautiful by cutting double eyelids, Shuiguang needle, thin face needle and so on.

Chen Meiqi decided to treat her skin. In a well-known beauty salon near her home, “the doctor” gave her a full face evaluation and said that she should not only take good care of her skin, but also adjust her eyes to become a great beauty“ The doctor told her, “your two eyes are a single pair. The size of your eyes is obvious. A double eyelid operation will look much better immediately.”

The “doctor” took out a lot of comparative photos of her own successful cases and told her that “the ugly duckling turns into a swan” was not a dream. This makes Chen Meiqi excited. Without looking at the doctor’s medical license and the business qualification of the beauty agency, she lay on the operating table.

Not long ago, the youth school media conducted a questionnaire survey on the topic of face anxiety for college students across the country. Of the 2063 college students interviewed, 59.03% said they had a certain degree of face anxiety. The reporter learned that in recent years, the rapid growth of medical beauty, beauty institutions and the popularity of various beauty raters have contributed to people’s “appearance anxiety” to a certain extent.

A survey shows that from 2014 to 2020, the scale of China’s medical and American market increased from 50.1 billion yuan to 179.5 billion yuan. Young people are the main consumers of medical beauty, with the highest proportion aged 20-25. The post-90s and post-00s are the main medical and beauty consumer groups. Among them, many college students have also become the target of the medical and beauty industry.

“After the college entrance examination, you can become beautiful”, “good-looking people, do everything right”, “save your beauty and change your life against the sky”… Various advertising words about “beauty” are quite attractive to many young people who are facing the pressure of job hunting and marriage, as if they can change their life as long as they become beautiful.

“Who doesn’t look at his face when looking for a job or an object?” At the end of the college entrance examination, 19-year-old Li Ming couldn’t wait to cut her double eyelids. When her eyes were big, she still felt imperfect, raised her nose, and gave face and leg thinning needles. The medical beauty agency hung her picture of “becoming beautiful” in the door window to attract more of her peers to pay for beauty.

Li Ming told reporters, “there are too many good-looking and capable people around, and they are too ordinary. Constant beauty will be dumped further”. The beautiful photos in the circle of friends, with bright eyes, white teeth and beautiful skin, also made her face anxiety more and more serious.

Who will evaluate the “beauty”? At present, a variety of “beauty raters” are emerging one after another. Some institutions have launched AI beauty evaluators. As long as you take a few photos and claim to have analyzed the aesthetic preferences of tens of millions of people, AI will give you a score. Many people are no longer calm in the face of their scores, and medical beauty institutions take advantage of this to create a demand for consumers: you are not perfect, but you can become better through medical beauty.

On some e-commerce platforms, the “beauty scorer” who specially evaluates customers’ appearance and temperament is sought after by many young people“ At 8.8 yuan each time, give a score for your appearance. “A seller of Taobao’s” appearance rater “set the appearance scoring standard at different levels from 1 to 10. Among them, 1-3.5 points are not good-looking; 3.6-4.9 are generally lower; 5-5.9 points are above medium; 6-6.9 are entry-level beauties; 7-8.3 it belongs to school flower or net red beauty; 8.4-9 belong to the appearance of stars who can make their debut; 9.1-10 points belong to big star level.

The seller said that according to the photos sent by the buyer, all of them were scored manually and objectively, and those who participated in the scoring were makeup artists, medical beauty consultants or art professionals. Each time, 3 out of 10 people are selected for scoring, both men and women, so as to make the results more objective as far as possible.