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Reveal the harm of teachers’ job coercion for profit

Recently, according to the effective clues provided by parents, the Education Bureau of Huangshan City, Anhui Province organized a surprise operation to investigate and deal with Lu Moumou, a teacher of No. 1 middle school in Tunxi, who was suspected of making up classes for money, in a villa in a luxury villa area in Tunxi District, the city. Many parents in Huangshan City reported that a few teachers are keen to make up for paid classes at home or other places, and some of the objects of making up classes are students of the school’s own grade. A small number of teachers in a high school are well-known for paid supplementary courses, and it is even said that the school has “four famous supplementary courses”.

The villa opened classes and paid make-up classes. The students were crowded and punctual every day… Such a blatant make-up class finally overturned under the complaints of parents and multiple reports. Teachers are not allowed to make up lessons with compensation, and the document requirements at all levels are repeated. In Huangshan City, teacher Lu Moumou still committed crimes against the wind and openly collected money. This typical case is staggering and puzzling. The question is, is this just the tip of the iceberg? Are the rumors of the so-called “four famous supplements” really true? Compared with the point to point case handling, we look forward to checking to the end to clarify questions and purify the ecology as a whole.

Based on the comprehensive information of various parties, it can be roughly judged that in some parts of Huangshan City, it is common for teachers to make up classes with compensation, which is almost an “open secret”. According to parents, “teachers charge at least one or two hundred yuan per class, and a child often invests thousands of Yuan”, while teachers who make up classes in violation of regulations are a rich source of money. Compared with market-oriented training institutions, make-up classes privately set up by teachers undoubtedly have a stronger oppression and coercion effect on parents and students – failure to report for classes may not only “fail to keep up” but also “offend teachers”. The situation compels most students to sign up for class.

In this case, whether it is the “large number of students in class” found in the media survey, or the “teacher’s own villa” where the crime was committed, all this makes people imaginative. It is worth asking, Lu Moumou paid make-up classes, how long did it last and how much did he make a profit? Does it constitute a “particularly huge amount”? Is there a situation of “not speaking in class and speaking after class”? Teachers’ paid supplementary classes interfere with the normal teaching plan and teaching order, which will inevitably damage the pure relationship between teachers and students.

Turning the responsibility of teaching and educating people into a private business for money is in itself against the code of ethics. The reason why teachers are prohibited from making up lessons with compensation has profound logical support. First of all, in a specific period of time, a teacher and a group of students should be a one-to-one “binding” relationship. If their teachers start classes for tutoring, students have almost no choice but to “follow”.

Secondly, public schools and individual education services are completely two sets of pricing standards, which can be called a world of difference. The strong domination of teachers over students and the strong subordination of students to teachers fundamentally determine that teachers’ paid make-up lessons can not be fair at the moral and economic levels.

Teachers’ paid make-up classes are closer to “making profits by taking advantage of their position”, which is not as simple as exchanging labor for remuneration in the sense of the market. Huangshan Education Department said it would conduct an in-depth investigation into Lu’s make-up class incident and deal with it seriously according to the investigation facts and regulations. We look forward to taking the investigation and punishment of the “villa make-up class” incident as a sample, thoroughly investigate, comprehensively start and cut off the industrial chain of teachers “making profit by taking advantage of their positions”, so as to fundamentally prevent the resurgence of teachers’ illegal make-up classes.