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The Ministry of Education launched paid supplementary courses in primary and secondary schools

The special rectification will focus on the prominent problems strongly reflected by the society and carry out governance in different links. Through self-examination, random inspection, special education on Teachers’ ethics and other measures, we can further compact the responsibility, improve the mechanism, find problems and form a deterrent. Through this special rectification, all localities are required to carry out self-examination and self-improvement, improve the management mechanism, establish work accounts, seriously deal with the verified problems according to law and regulations, and persevere in the rectification of prominent problems with strong feedback from teachers and students and bad influence; Sort out the typical cases of paid make-up classes and illegal receipt of gifts, establish a typical case database, and dynamically update it through the national teacher management information system; In combination with the typical cases of violating the ten guidelines for teachers’ professional behavior publicly exposed by the Ministry of education and relevant cases investigated and dealt with by local schools, carry out warning education, organize teachers to analyze the causes, compare and find out, and guide teachers to clarify discipline and alarm bells with cases.

The Ministry of education has adopted a “zero tolerance” attitude towards teachers’ behaviors such as “no lectures in class and no lectures after class”, “organizing off campus training classes” and “exchanging interests with parents”. During the special rectification period, local education administrative departments will work closely with relevant departments to further strengthen the law enforcement and punishment of relevant violations, and in accordance with the principle of “strict investigation and long-term effect”, Implement the main responsibility, strengthen publicity and education, and strictly manage teachers.