His father burned the admission notice three times

Recently, Tang Xiaoyan, a 40-year-old art major admitted to Xi’an University of engineering, has attracted much attention on the Internet. Her difficult learning process makes many people sigh with regret. It turned out that she was also a young man who worked hard to study and try to enter the University, but in her early years, she failed to realize her dream of university because of family economic conditions and her father’s opposition. It was not until she entered middle age that she took the college entrance examination again with the support of her husband and finally entered the University.

Among them, one detail made many netizens quite angry: in fact, she was admitted to university when she was young, but her father burned her admission notice at that time“ I took the test four times, and he burned the first three times. ” When recalling the past, Tang Xiaoyan’s seemingly calm tone is still a little unwilling and helpless. If some young people didn’t go to college mainly because of their own reasons, Tang Xiaoyan didn’t go to college before, it was mainly because of objective factors. Her family conditions are limited, and her father’s “traditional concept” also limits her future.

In Tang Xiaoyan’s memory, her father’s stubborn concept could not be changed: “the best choice for girls is not to study, but to find a job or marry a rich man”. Even if she is admitted to college, she can’t make money in the short term. Such erroneous ideas from her parents may be due to ignorance or economic constraints, but in any case, they have caused great harm to Tang Xiaoyan’s growth – a “good seedling” who could have changed her fate by taking the university entrance examination was delayed until she was 40.

Tang Xiaoyan’s dream can not be realized without the support of family members. Her husband was very supportive of her continuous study and became her strong backing. The influence of family members on a person is very important. A good family atmosphere is very helpful to people’s growth. The profundity of this truth can also be seen from this matter.

From the perspective of communication, the reason why this matter has become a hot topic and moved many netizens is mainly because Tang Xiaoyan’s spirit of unremitting efforts has moved many people, and also made many netizens who are struggling have emotional resonance: there is no age to pursue dreams. As long as you want to work hard, it’s never too late. Especially in school, many people may have to give up their studies and enter the society early because of factors such as economy and family in their early years. However, as long as we adhere to lifelong learning and do not give up the pursuit of dreams, we can realize our dreams sooner or later.

In recent years, we have seen on the Internet from time to time that some people are still in the college entrance examination when they are middle-aged, and even such an emotional scene as “Grandpa enters the examination room”. Although the reasons why the parties failed to go to college when they were young were different, like Tang Xiaoyan in the matter, they did not give up their pursuit of their dream of studying because of age.

For many ordinary people, completing their college dream is actually a great success in life. Many netizens spontaneously praise and cheer for Tang Xiaoyan. In fact, they also cheer for people who pursue their dreams. Such people are worthy of respect and should be regarded as an example by young people. Everyone has a different starting point in life, but as long as they can strive to pursue their dreams and move forward on the existing basis, they can live their own wonderful life.