A man should have his bottom line and principles

No temptation is too great to abandon

Be human, be sympathetic.

A man should have his bottom line and principles

However hard life may be, we must not seek our own happiness from the misery of others.

No temptation is too great to abandon one’s conscience

Temptation is everywhere in life.

Desire can also plunge a man into an abyss by pushing him forward.

As the proverb lianbi says:

“The fish catches the bait and the moth catches the fire.


Drunken li, full of blood, have perished from them.


Morant eats fish and bees make honey, but they don’t get it all.”


At present, people need to keep their reason. No matter how great the temptation is, they must not abandon their natural goodness and do anything against benevolence, righteousness and morality.


Otherwise, good and evil will be rewarded.


Here’s a story from The Think Tank:

Zhao three and Zhou Sheng agreed to go to the South by boat to do business, but it was not light, zhao three arrived first, so he waited on the boat, and sleep.


The boatman was very greedy. Seeing that he was fast asleep, he took everything of value from him.

Row the boat to where no one is, drown him, and row the boat back to where it was when nothing happened.


The day has been bright, Zhou Sheng has arrived, but do not see zhao three trace, let the boatman to zhao three home urge.


When the boatman arrived at Zhao SAN’s house, he knocked at the door and shouted:

“Three madam, three official people how haven’t come?”

Zhao three wife after hearing the sound of doubt, and then zhou Sheng together for several days also no one, so report to the official.


After reviewing the petition, he said:

“Knock loudly shout ‘three madam’, boatman how he know inside have no three official person.”

One words, broken case, after thorough investigation, boatman had to confess.

The mills of God grind slowly but sure, the thuggery will not pay.


The Tao Te Ching says:

“The heaven wants its death, will shilling its madness.”

Desire is present, under the temptation, only by the ability to meet their own needs, can be open and aboveboard, go further.

The ancients said: “the gentleman has something to do, something not to do.

We are born with principles and bottom lines. We should not lose our own bottom line or touch others’ bottom line.

People, once lost the bottom line, will become a virtual table of the walking dead, although living ceased to die.

The bottom line isn’t worth a damn, but it’s worth a thousand dollars.

People live in the world, good character, must be that can let us win the final card.

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