Haidian Huangzhuang after “double reduction”

July 27 (Zhao jiaran, Yan Shuxin) “crazy Huangzhuang” may become a historical term. In the past, due to the gathering of famous schools such as the high school affiliated to Peking University and the high school affiliated to the National People’s Congress, and dozens of off campus training institutions such as New Oriental, XRS and Gaosi, the teaching and training atmosphere in Huangzhuang, Haidian, Beijing was particularly strong, which was known as the “cosmic make-up center” in the industry.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the strict supervision of off campus training, Haidian Huang Zhuang is no longer in the past.

Recently, with the issuance of the opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education, the “double reduction” heavy policy has been implemented《 In addition to the provisions on the capitalization and advanced education of discipline training institutions, the Opinions also requires that off campus training institutions shall not occupy national legal holidays, rest days and winter and summer holidays to organize discipline training.

After the introduction of the heavy policy, what is the situation now? Zhongxin Jingwei client came to Huangzhuang, Haidian to find out.

Zhongxin longitude and latitude photo of silver net center

Polarized Huangzhuang: Discipline offline “dumb fire”, interest in full swing

“In the last two years, fewer students have come to make up classes. As soon as the summer vacation comes, the students from nearby schools go home, and there are few people here. ” The stationery store between the silver net center and the high school affiliated to Peking University is empty, the clerk said.

On July 26, Zhongxin Jingwei client came to the Silver Network Center in Huangzhuang, Haidian. There are only a few sporadic staff in the hall. Occasionally, parents come in and out with preschool children, and few primary and middle school students are seen.

Photo taken by new longitude and latitude in the central hall of Silver Network

In January 2021, Beijing suspended offline training and collective activities of all training institutions. In March, it began to conduct a joint multi sectoral inspection of off campus training institutions that proposed to resume classes. During the visit, the China Singapore Jingwei client found that many training institutions in Huangzhuang, Haidian have not resumed classes since the beginning of the year.

“Now the basic (discipline) training of this building has been switched to online.” Said a staff member of a training institution.

Photo taken by new longitude and latitude in the list of Companies in the hall of Silver Network Center

A few new staff members came out of the door of yinwei center and closed the door. They saw a few new staff members sitting outside the door of yinwei center“ Now there are no teachers in charge of consulting here, and there are no classes. If you want to consult courses, you can go to other campuses. ” The person said.

The New Oriental campus on the 16th floor has no staff; A prompt for epidemic prevention and control is pasted on the door, indicating that offline training in the campus has been suspended since January 23.