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The admission line of normal universities is rising year by year

Yumiayan (first from right) plays games with children in Maqu grassland of Gannan Prefecture, Gansu Province, which is over 3000 meters above sea level. Shen Jizhong

With the enrollment of high-level enrollment gradually ended, the phenomenon of “normal school fever” gradually emerged.

In some provinces such as Tianjin and Yunnan, the investment line of professional groups of subordinate normal colleges has soared. The admission line of Huazhong Normal University is only 13 points lower than that of Peking University and Tsinghua University. The admission line of Northeast Normal University even exceeds Zhejiang University, and non subordinate normal colleges are also rising rapidly. Lu Xiaozhong, a professor at the Academy of education and science of South China Normal University, told reporters that he had a close feeling for the “normal fever”. The new campus of South China Normal University is located in Shanwei, Guangdong Province, and it was put into use only in September this year“ We were worried about the relatively remote place before enrollment, and whether we would not attract excellent students. This year, the admission situation, the score line continues to rise steadily, everyone is assured, the normal enrollment situation is really good. ”

On the one hand, the enrollment of normal schools has been popular. On the other hand, in February, primary and secondary schools in Beijing and Shenzhen announced their list of teachers, many of them are listed in Beijing and Tsinghua. Does all kinds of phenomena indicate that the profession of teachers is becoming the best choice for the majority of students?

Hu Xiangdong, a professor at Huazhong Normal University, told reporters that another reason for this year’s “normal fever” was the first fire from the “excellent teacher program”. Since 2021, the Ministry of education has arranged about 10000 special programs for the targeted cultivation of excellent teachers in the national general undergraduate enrollment plan every year. The normal university directly under the Ministry of education and local normal colleges shall undertake the recruitment and training tasks, and adopt the way of exemption of tuition, accommodation fee and living expenses during the period of study, The school was targeted to cultivate excellent teachers for 832 poverty alleviation counties and middle west land border counties.

“The” excellent teacher program “adopts the way of” enrollment + training “, and it is very attractive for students to concentrate the best teachers’ strength in normal colleges and universities to incline to this part of students Hu told reporters.

Is “normal school fever” a “false fire” brought by “excellent teacher plan”“ Can the normal school fever continue and let more excellent students rest assured of their involvement in education? The reporter interviewed the representatives of teachers and students.

“Hot” or “normal temperature”

Panweihao, a sophomore of Zhejiang Normal University, told reporters that the reason why he chose normal school was influenced by junior high school teachers“ The teacher is patient and meticulous. He is just like the heart of our students. He is very relieved when he is in us. How difficult it can be. He made me like the profession of teacher. ” “At the same time, the middle score of the college entrance examination, the application for normal school is a more stable choice,” panweihao said

Shujie, a sophomore at Fujian Normal University, said that applying for a normal school was “the result of a family meeting.”“ In terms of employment, teachers have stable occupation and good prospects. After reading this major, I feel more and more wise to choose from the beginning. ” Shujie said that she studied mathematics major. In addition to learning basic courses of mathematics such as “ordinary differential equation”, “complex variable function” and “Higher Algebra”, she also studied courses such as “curriculum and teaching theory” and “educational psychology”, which made her feel like “compound talents”“ She thinks that this is a significant advantage for normal students.

Hu Xiangdong thinks that “normal fever” is the necessity of social development, but he thinks that the current heat is far from enough, “maybe it can only be called” normal temperature “. He still remembers that decades ago, normal school major and so-called “agricultural land mineral oil” and other so-called cold door major together, many local normal colleges need to reduce points to accept. Even today, some local normal colleges and universities of rural education major also have “file” phenomenon. Zhang Xinghua, a special grade teacher in Jiangsu primary school, remembers that when he was just taking part in the work and taking the post of teacher, villagers introduced him, he would be referred to as “the little teacher!”“ This is a derogatory term for primary school teachers in dialect. ” Zhang said. At that time, there was also a traditional concept of “family has three fights of grain, not being king of children”.