A number of universities in the city of Shandong have been supported: Yantai University applied for the Expo, two universities were upgraded, and seven universities were planned to be built

K12 sorting of education and training policies

Since 2021, the central government and the supervision have attached great importance to the problem of k12 education and made intensive voices: since the Discipline Inspection Commission named and criticized online education in January 2021, the Central Committee has paid great attention to strengthening the supervision of k12 education in the half year. Leaders have repeatedly commented on K12 training, which requires strengthening the main role of the school, while the supervision of k12 education should be strengthened. All departments expressed great importance. On May 21, the “double reduction opinions” was adopted, the Ministry of Education announced the establishment of the supervision department of education and training outside the school on June 15, and the “double reduction opinions” was officially issued on July 24, and some specific regulatory measures were also relatively issued in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions.

In January 2021, the Commission for Discipline Inspection called for criticism of online education: the official website of the Commission published the article “online education under the capital vortex”, pointing out that the advertising chaos of online education, the intensified competition of enterprises and serious internal consumption caused by capital chaos are pointed out. At the same time, it is pointed out that online education supervision is faced with practical problems such as the difficulty of training content verification and training pre charge supervision, It is necessary to strengthen guidance and supervision of online training outside the school.

During the “two sessions” in early March, the extracurricular training institutions of compulsory education also attracted widespread attention, focusing on: 1) a large number of online training platforms “barbaric growth”. It is suggested to strengthen the supervision of online education platform and various educational apps, and seriously investigate and punish illegal and illegal behaviors such as exceeding the standard, examination oriented, false publicity and manufacturing anxiety; 2) In view of the social phenomenon of anxiety in the inner volume, it is suggested that the extracurricular training institutions should be guided to implement the concept of quality education, strengthen the examination of the advertising of the extracurricular training institutions, and avoid the parents’ anxiety caused by the explosion of advertisements. The leaders pointed out that education cannot only be scored, and commented on the problem of educational chaos.

On May 21, the document of “double reduction” was formally reviewed and passed, and the standardized management of K12 training institutions on and off-line was strengthened: on May 14, the latest implementation regulations of the people’s promotion law were implemented. Compared with the draft submitted and reviewed three years ago, we found that the latest version of the document deleted the description of K12 extracurricular training. We expect that there will be follow-up or special documents for K12 training, and then May 21, The opinions on further reducing the burden of homework and training outside the school of compulsory education were formally reviewed and passed. The opinions put forward that the teaching quality of the school should be improved comprehensively, the teaching should be done as much as possible, the main position role of school education should be strengthened, the quality of classroom teaching should be improved, the total amount of homework should be reduced, the pressure of examination reduced and the education and training industry should be strictly supervised, Especially in compulsory education. Leaders stressed the need to strengthen the on-line and off-line K12 training institutions standardized management.