Xueba got 660 points in the college entrance examination. Because he didn't like his major, he dropped out of Peking University and entered a technical school. How was his life later?

Five people in the storm of “double reduction”

In May 2021, Wang Hong, the tutor of large class, handed in a resignation, left her job for three years and returned to her hometown and ordinary.

For more than ten years wandering in this industry, Wang Hong has experienced almost all forms of online education, from o2o to 1-to-1, and then to large classes. She has witnessed the rise of too many companies and witnessed the collapse of too many companies.

When she left, she saved enough down payment for buying a house in her hometown and saved the cost of decoration. It is said that after drifting in the “prosperous” place for a long time, it will be somewhat unwilling to leave, but Wang Hong has gone very free and easy and unprecedented.

When she left, she summarized her years with the education and training industry:

“Not doing evil is the premise of business competition. However, this is not the case in the education industry coerced by capital. You clearly can increase by 20% every year, and the capital has to be 150%. In the process of “reaching the standard”, I have said too many things against my heart and done too many things against my heart. ”

“The ship is sinking”

Not long ago, there was a screenshot in the education and training industry: a leader personally demonstrated to a tutor how to make parents who have no money continue to report, made parents aware of the seriousness of having to report to class with chicken blood and selling anxiety, and provided the idea of loan to “help” parents solve their economic difficulties.

At that time, there was a lot of criticism in the circle, but Wang Hong knew that this operation was better than any other company.

“As long as parents don’t swear, you can do anything.” This is a “principle” that Wang Hong adheres to when she spends her energy communicating with her parents every day in the past year.

“The company requires us to make 10 valid calls every day. Parents are at work during the day. You can only call at night, but it’s too late. Parents have to rest. And many parents hang up directly. It’s very difficult to make 10 effective calls. ”

Wang Hong said that if she can’t finish, the company won’t let her go and continue to call, then send red envelopes in the group, and do 50 squats in the office area as punishment.

She could not understand why the disguised “corporal punishment” was staged in the workplace of an adult in her thirties.

But someone knows.

In January this year, we saw many of the communities tiktok and the hot “the same old lady in the shaking of the voice recommended four large class courses” screenshots, as the media’s Lu Jia keenly perceive that this is a good topic. Immediately, Lv Jia published a light analysis manuscript, proposing that online education is facing serious marketing chaos.