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Guangzhou suspended the approval of new institutions for out of school training

The summer trusteeship class of Xiaobei Road Primary School in Guangzhou was opened. On July 19, children released their assembled model aircraft on the playground. Photo by Liang jucong

On July 24, the “second boot” for out of school training finally landed.

The opinions identified nine cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as national pilot cities. It mainly focuses on three aspects:

First, the existing online and offline discipline training institutions should be comprehensively investigated, reviewed and registered again to solve the problem of excessive and excessive;

Second, we can explore the appropriate introduction of non disciplinary after-school training institutions to participate in after-school services, and establish an evaluation exit mechanism;

Third, strengthen the supervision of training fees, incorporate discipline training into the government guidance price, and adopt the methods of third-party custody and risk reserve,

Carry out risk management and control on the pre charging of off campus training institutions to prevent problems such as “difficult to refund” and “running away with money”.

For the pilot content, Guangzhou, as a pilot city, has been deployed.


Guangzhou: some policies have already been arranged to suspend the approval of new institutions

On July 9, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education issued the notice on doing a good job in the summer trusteeship service for primary school students, and carried out the pilot work of school trusteeship service for primary school students during the summer vacation this year. The contents include basic trusteeship services and quality development services, and discipline training and collective classes shall not be organized. The school provides students with places for study and sports.

From July 12 to 16, some districts of Guangzhou also held a briefing for after-school training institutions to convey the relevant spirit of “double reduction”. According to the person in charge of a training institution in Guangzhou, relevant meetings have been held in Liwan District, Yuexiu District and Haizhu District of Guangzhou. Oral communication on stopping discipline training activities on weekends, winter and summer holidays and holidays in the stage of compulsory education; Stop accepting and approving new discipline school running licenses; Primary school institutions immediately began to change to non-profit institutions (reflected in the annual inspection financial report).

On July 20, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education issued the measures for the supervision and administration of training institutions in Guangzhou (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the draft for comments). After school training institutions for primary and secondary school students (including kindergarten children) charge training fees according to semester or class hours. Training fees shall not be collected in advance for more than 3 months and 60 class hours in packages or bundles for reasons such as discounts and free class hours. In addition, it is also required that training institutions shall not provide illegal training to kindergarten children in the name of preschool class and connection between young and primary schools.

On July 22, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of education urgently issued a joint law enforcement inspection notice to the city’s off campus training institutions. On July 23, the joint law enforcement inspection team took immediate action, went to the front line without saying hello, went straight to the scene, and conducted spot checks at four out of school training institutions such as Yuexiu District deep education.

Focus on investigating teachers’ illegal training behaviors such as taking up their posts without certificates and over long-term pre charging

It is understood that this inspection focuses on 17 items in five aspects: epidemic prevention and control, safety management, fire safety, standardized school running and compliance with market order. All out of school training institutions that have not obtained the school running license and business license (institution legal person certificate and private non enterprise unit registration certificate) shall immediately stop the discipline training for primary and secondary school students and properly deal with the remaining problems. After school training institutions with complete licenses shall strictly standardize their school running behavior, focusing on the investigation of illegal training behaviors such as teachers taking up their posts without certificates, teaching in advance beyond the outline, and charging in advance for a long time.

Strengthen epidemic prevention and control, implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, establish emergency plans for public health events, implement personnel classification management, do a good job in personnel health protection, strengthen the management of key areas, and reserve sufficient common protective materials, temperature measuring instruments, disinfectants, etc.