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Higher admission scores for normal majors

Last week, media in Guangdong Province reported that the admission of undergraduate colleges approved in advance in the province was completed, with a total of 10287 people admitted. Among them, 1600 were enrolled in the special plan for teachers and 1122 in the special plan for health. From the perspective of filing scores, the majors of public funded normal students are very popular. From the first time, the lowest gear is generally higher than last year.

The reporter of China Youth Daily · China Youth Network found that this phenomenon does not only appear in Guangdong.

In the enrollment of Northeast Normal University in Zhejiang Province, the position of the lowest admission score line of many normal majors has also been significantly improved. On July 21, Tianjin announced the admission of ordinary undergraduate batch a in Tianjin, and normal universities are also favored by Tianjin college entrance examination candidates. In order to avoid hyping the admission of high-level candidates, Tianjin has not announced the score line of the professional group of high-level colleges and universities in the general undergraduate batch. The boundary of this “high-level” is limited to 690 points. There is no specific score line behind top colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, which is uniformly marked with “more than 690 points”. Followed by Beijing Normal University, the lowest score line of its enrollment in Tianjin is 688 points, which is only 2 points lower than the “high section”. In addition, the lowest score line of East China Normal University’s enrollment in Tianjin is 674 points, and the scores of Northeast Normal University and central China Normal University are also about 660 points.

“This phenomenon intuitively shows that normal colleges and normal majors have gradually become the preferred choice of candidates, and the attraction of the teacher profession is becoming greater and greater.” Professor Zhang Shuang, vice president of the school of education of Capital Normal University, said that the reasons behind it are also obvious. One reason is that in recent years, the state has successively issued policies to improve the treatment of teachers, the purpose is to attract and retain more excellent talents to provide high-quality education, and the attraction of teachers’ profession is becoming greater and greater.

The expert’s judgment is consistent with the official assessment. At a press conference held by the Ministry of education at the beginning of this year, Yu Fayou, vice president and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, introduced the implementation of the third-party evaluation of the Central Document No. 4 (opinions on comprehensively deepening the reform of the construction of teachers in the new era). The evaluation showed that the professional attraction of teachers had significantly increased, The proportion of students with the top 30% of college entrance examination scores applying for normal major increased from 18.3% in 2018 to 33.4% in 2019.

Another reason is also obvious“ In the last two years, uncertainty has become a key word. ” Zhang Shuang said that both the epidemic situation and the antagonism of international relations have affected a variety of occupations. In this case, the attraction of teachers with strong stability, high treatment, good social status and winter and summer vacation has improved to a certain extent.

If a major or a certain type of college is popular, it will first release a signal to the job market, and normal education is no exception. The most obvious example is that in recent years, with the popularity of the online education market, the number of primary and secondary school teachers’ qualification examinations has been rising.