Good news from the Ministry of Education

360 degree no dead angle supervision

The general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education, and issued a circular requiring all regions and departments to earnestly implement it in combination with reality.

What are the key points of this document about the after-school training market? One letter express.

“Double reduction” task orientation: major livelihood projects of governments at all levels

Main line: Discipline Training

Control objectives: control the scale, control the quality and restore the normal social education and teaching order

Significantly reduce the number of discipline training institutions and solve the problem of excessive and excessive;

Solve the problem of mixed good and bad in the training market;

Prevent the training industry from becoming another education system outside the national education system.

Institutional characterization: non-profit

Extracurricular subject education must be public welfare, no new enterprises will enter, and all approved enterprises will be turned into non-profit organizations;

The fees will be included in the government guided price management, and the local governments will scientifically and reasonably determine the pricing methods and clarify the charging standards.

Money management: extreme pressure financing channel

Discipline training enterprises are not allowed to be listed, and listed companies are not allowed to invest and acquire such businesses;

Foreign capital is prohibited to intervene in any way;

The excessive influx of capital into training institutions shall be strictly controlled, and the financing and fees of training institutions shall be mainly used for training business operation.

Prevent the difficulty of refunding fees and running away with money, and strengthen the supervision of loans in the field of training.

Management: cut off the talent channel

Do not dig school teachers;

Personnel engaged in discipline training must have corresponding teacher qualifications, and the teacher qualification information shall be published in a prominent position on the training institution’s place and website;

The employment of foreign personnel in China shall comply with the relevant provisions of the state, and it is strictly prohibited to employ foreign personnel abroad to carry out training activities. It is strictly prohibited to employ foreign personnel abroad to carry out training activities.

Management time: Golden training time is prohibited

Discipline training shall not be organized on legal holidays, rest days, winter and summer holidays;

The end time of online training shall not be later than 21:00.

Channel management: burning money is prohibited

It is strictly prohibited to publish advertisements for off campus training through various channels;

Unfair competition in the form of fictitious original price, false discount, false publicity, etc. is prohibited for the promotion of business.

Plugging loopholes: anti edge ball?

Non disciplinary training institutions are strictly prohibited from conducting disciplinary training;

It is strictly prohibited to train in advance in case of exceeding the standard;

Prohibit preschool discipline training;

Control the Discipline Training of senior high school;

Investigate and deal with institutions with serious problems such as collusion with schools for profit according to law and regulations.