A man should have his bottom line and principles

When Li Linfu saw the letter

In the face of the emperor’s appreciation of the people, he either flatters, or honeyed.

A man should have his bottom line and principles

Li linfu courted the emperor’s favorite concubines, consorting with eunuchs and concubines to learn about the emperor’s whereabouts and preferences.


Because every time he started writing, he got the emperor’s heart, so he was appreciated.


After that, he was very afraid of being replaced, and if he found anyone who threatened his position, he would play a secret game.


One day, the emperor suddenly asked Li Linfu, Yan Ting zhi this person quite good, now where?


After hearing the emperor’s words, considering that Yan Was banished from the imperial court a long time ago and fearing that yan would be replaced by another powerful man, he said to Yan’s younger brother:

“The emperor thinks highly of your brother. Why don’t you write to him that he is seriously ill and ask him to return to Beijing for medical treatment so that he can go back to the court and meet the emperor?”


The younger brother wrote to inform the elder brother, Yan Ting zhi how to know the fraud, just follow his advice to write to the emperor.


When Li Linfu saw the letter, he said to the emperor:

“It is a pity that Yan Yan, who is very old, is seriously ill now.”

Believing this, the Emperor gave Yan A sinecures and sent him to Luoyang to recuperate.


Li Linfu was the longest reigning prime minister in the Xuanzong period of Tang Dynasty.


After his death, Li Linfu was falsely accused. He was confiscated and his descendants were exiled.


In life, the most taboo of all means, to cut off others to help their own people, will eventually pay for selfishness.


Be human, be sympathetic.


However hard life may be, we must not seek our own happiness from the misery of others.


No temptation is too great to abandon one’s conscience


Temptation is everywhere in life.


Desire can also plunge a man into an abyss by pushing him forward.


As the proverb lianbi says:

“The fish catches the bait and the moth catches the fire.


Drunken li, full of blood, have perished from them.


Morant eats fish and bees make honey, but they don’t get it all.”


At present, people need to keep their reason. No matter how great the temptation is, they must not abandon their natural goodness and do anything against benevolence, righteousness and morality.


Otherwise, good and evil will be rewarded.

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