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The exploration and implementation of the strategy in Beijing Universities

On July 21, surging news (www.thepaper. CN) learned from Beijing Municipal Education Commission that many colleges and universities in Beijing have actively explored building counselor work, formed a work mode with school characteristics, effectively expanded the ideological and political work position, and provided “one-stop” service guidance for students. Counselors can not only find and solve students’ problems in time, but also lead students to grow up through various activities.

“In June last year, I entered the 32nd floor as a new counselor. One by one, he enthusiastically knocked on the door of the dormitory, introduced himself one by one, presented the contact card of the counselors in the building, and told the students that they could come to me whenever they had anything… “Recently, at the on-the-spot meeting of the counselors in the building of Beijing University, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Beijing University of city and environment Full time counselor Tan Zhuoli shared his experience as a counselor in the building for more than a year. Whether students forget their keys, apply for certificates, get sick and buy medicine, or encounter emotional confusion and consult career planning, Tan Zhuoli provides timely help and guidance for students. During the Spring Festival, Tan Zhuoli also wrote Spring Festival couplets and pasted Fu characters with the students. In his spare time, he sat around with the students to watch the awakening age and explained the knowledge and stories of the party history to the students.

Wang Yanjie, Minister of science and engineering of Beijing Forestry University, said that in order to strengthen the important position of Ideological and political education, Beijing Forestry University has set up apartment counselors for 20 consecutive years since 2001.

Since 2006, the Central University for nationalities has established a counselor team composed of full-time college counselors and professional teachers, and effectively extended the tentacles of Ideological and political work into students’ apartments, and fully promoted the work of “Ideological and political education in apartments”.

According to the relevant person in charge of the publicity and Education Department of the Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, through in-depth understanding, timely feedback and multi-party coordination, college counselors in the dormitories have helped students solve a large number of urgent, difficult and anxious things. They have effectively combined solving students’ practical problems with solving ideological problems, and created a “one-stop” service community in the apartments to solve students’ problems in the “whole process”, It has been fully recognized by everyone. In the next step, colleges and universities will continue to explore and carry out the work of counselors stationed in buildings, so that more counselors can approach and integrate into students, and do a good job in Ideological and political work of college students with heart and emotion, precision and delicacy, so as to continuously improve the effectiveness of education and help students grow up.