Spark Global Limited reports:

Shanghai announced the implementation plan of accelerating the construction of “double first class”

On July 21, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Education Committee that, after being deliberated and approved at the standing meeting of Shanghai municipal government, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, in combination with Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, issued the implementation plan of Shanghai Municipality to accelerate the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines (2021-2025) (Shanghai Education Commission Section [2021] No. 21). According to the overall deployment of the state and Shanghai, Shanghai will continue to deepen and accelerate the construction of “double first-class”.

The new round of “double first-class” construction in Shanghai focuses on three aspects:

First, we will continue to maintain strategic determination, follow the idea of promoting the construction of first-class universities with first-class discipline construction in accordance with the opinions on promoting the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines in Shanghai, continue to implement the construction plan of the University peak plateau discipline, and further promote the plan of high-level universities.

Second, we will continue to strengthen overall planning, emphasize scientific planning and top-level design, take the new round of joint construction and cooperation between departments and cities as an opportunity, focus on strengthening the foundation of discipline construction, the key to stimulate the vitality of running schools, and the new bureau that opens innovation sources from the Perspective of strengthening the discipline construction, stimulating the vitality of running schools, and opening up new innovation sources, and comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of the new round of “double first-class” construction.

Third, we will continue to strengthen capacity-building, focus on improving the research capacity of basic and applied disciplines in Colleges and universities, launch innovative resource strategy capacity promotion actions, focus on the world science and technology frontier and Shanghai “3 + 6” key industrial system, lay out and build a number of leading-edge scientific research bases and collaborative innovation centers, and improve the innovation strategy energy level of colleges and universities.

The new round of “double first-class” construction in Shanghai emphasizes the basic principles of adhering to the first-class objectives, demand orientation, characteristic development and reform and innovation, more prominent taking root in China, serving the major national and regional development strategies, highlighting capacity-building, and building and perfecting the science and technology disciplines focusing on the international academic frontier The engineering discipline serving the national strategic needs, the health and life of the people, the disciplines of life and agriculture medicine, the philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics, the interdisciplinary development system leading the future development, the establishment and improvement of the basic scientific research and construction system aiming at the front, prospective layout and stable support, and the establishment and improvement of service demand, collaborative development The system of innovation policy source of colleges and universities is deeply integrated, and a coordinated development system with distinct levels, coordinated development and orderly connection is established.

The new round of “double first-class” construction in Shanghai takes the project of subject construction of peak plateau, the construction plan of high-level local universities and the plan of improving the innovation strategy and resource ability of colleges and universities as the key measures. It combines the development of science and technology first productivity, the first resource of training talents and the first power of innovation, and promotes more universities and disciplines to enter the world’s popular and domestic first-class leading position.

First, we will continue to promote the construction plan of the subject of the peak plateau. We should carry out the actions of “climbing the peak” and “building the original”, emphasize the first-class and breakthrough in the field (direction), focus on several key fields in each discipline, and strive to solve major theoretical and practical problems. In terms of construction mechanism, we should innovate the discipline organization mode and implement the integrated allocation of projects, bases, talents and funds.

Second, we will continue to promote the construction plan of high-level local colleges and universities. Focusing on the construction tasks of promoting the development of discipline construction, strengthening the construction of high-level teaching staff, improving the quality of innovative talent training, promoting the opening up of higher education, improving quality and efficiency, and optimizing the system construction and condition guarantee of colleges and universities, we will promote the construction of local high-level universities.

Third, we should comprehensively promote the plan to improve the ability of innovation policy sources in Colleges and universities. Optimize the basic research system, cultivate a number of leading-edge scientific research bases, and create a long board of future innovation; We should improve the collaborative innovation system, focus on the key core technologies of key industries, and promote the collaborative innovation of all kinds of innovation subjects; We will improve the technology transfer system, promote the construction of technology transfer institutions in Colleges and universities, promote the high-quality development of University Science and Technology Park, and promote more innovation achievements into practical productivity.