A number of universities in the city of Shandong have been supported: Yantai University applied for the Expo, two universities were upgraded, and seven universities were planned to be built

2021 general batch of college entrance examination in Gansu Province

In 2021, the score line of science department in Gansu Province was 440 and the second score line was 336. According to the latest news released recently, the results of the undergraduate batch admission in 2021 were severely broken! Gansu Province, this college entrance examination score can be said to be interesting enough, the number of examinees in this province is not much, compared with Henan and other cities really is a blessing!

According to the results of the release;

The admission score line of Zhongshan University is only 489. As a famous trump 985, this time, the enrollment is even cold. Although you have seen a 50 point line, it may feel difficult. However, the other schools you need to see are basically 550 points higher than those of the same grade universities of Zhongshan University, even many 211 points are 520 points, Even a lot of strong general Ben, are in more than 500 points, don’t tell me Zhongshan University even puben can not test? The University of mining of China also lowered its score, which is 515 this year. What do the students who apply for the same score for the general examination think? At the same time, Shihezi University, Yanbian University, and the policy 211 were also more than 480 points