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I didn’t find the hidden plot

The stem of the “biography of Wulin” is really too much to write. Only you can’t think of it without it, such as big Chinese.

“Big Chinese” seems to be large in size, but it can be integrated; It only needs to be divided, scattered, and refined into a concrete learning: history, geography, ancient literature, poetry

We may as well follow this routine to break down the “Wulin exodus”, try to dial the time line of the play, and the eggs buried in the Tongfu inn.


Although the writers will be overhead of the times, telling the story in the parallel world, the great Ming Law, which appeared many times, is the iron evidence that the play happened in Ming Dynasty.

I didn’t find this hidden plot. Don’t say you understand the story of Wulin

So which emperor year did it happen in the Ming Dynasty?

People who have been following the drama carefully know that there is an ancient well of Zhengde Dynasty in Tongfu Inn, so it can be concluded that the story happened after Zhengde Dynasty. After Zhengde, the emperors were as follows: Jiajing, Longqing, Wanli, Taichang, Tianqi, Chongzhen.

When tongxiangyu and yihonglou’s game manager were fighting, tongxiangyu once said, “congratulations to the opening of Tongfu Inn for 928 days, and to the emperor for seven years and eight months.”.

Among the above emperors, only Jiajing, Wanli and Chongzhen were in power for more than seven years. Considering that the well mentioned above is an ancient well, Jiajing was too close to the Zhengde Dynasty in the seventh year of Jiajing, which is obviously impossible. The rest is Wanli or Chongzhen.

Then use exclusion.

When the fighting spirit of Dazui and Lu Xiucai was more than culture, Lao Bai gave him a book “the National Atlas”. This book was offered to the emperor by limadu in the 28th year of the Wanli calendar. There was no way to reach the people for a few years. Then, the seven years of Wanli were excluded.

There are two other points to prove that in a certain concentration, the manager Tong got a fake painting, which was imitated by dongqichang.

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