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Stop all offline teaching

On July 21, the Education Department of Hebei Province issued a notice that schools all over the country should strengthen the response to the heavy rain and the prevention of natural disasters. Schools at all levels (including kindergartens) and training institutions outside the school should immediately stop all offline teaching, summer training and summer camp activities, and strictly prevent the casualties of teachers and students caused by secondary disasters.

Raise awareness and improve responsibility. Schools all over the country should overcome the paralysis, eliminate the fluke mentality, step by step strengthen the responsibility, prepare for the possible dangers and disasters in advance, and effectively guarantee the personal safety of teachers and students and the property safety of the school.

Active prevention and effective response. Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, in addition to the personnel on duty, implement net school management. Local education administrative departments should strengthen communication and coordination with meteorological, water conservancy and emergency departments, pay close attention to weather changes, make full use of campus network, SMS, wechat and other platforms, and timely release early warning information.

Strengthen inspection and eliminate hidden dangers. Schools all over the country should strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in school buildings, walls, public toilets and other buildings and ancillary facilities, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and prevent dangers. It is necessary to organize forces to comprehensively inspect and evaluate the surrounding environment of the campus. Temporary emergency measures should be taken immediately for those located in dangerous areas such as floods, landslides, debris flows, ground collapses, or adjacent rivers and tailings ponds.

Joint prevention and control to prevent drowning. Local education administrative departments should actively cooperate with water conservancy, housing and construction, natural resources, culture and tourism, emergency management and other departments, deeply implement the requirements of “emergency notice on effectively preventing primary and secondary school students from drowning” and “several measures on strengthening the prevention of students from drowning”, refine work measures, implement the control responsibility of key water areas, and strengthen joint prevention and control. Schools should take various forms to strengthen the safety warning education of students in summer, remind parents to fulfill the responsibility of the first guardian, and strictly prevent students from drowning.

Strengthen on duty to ensure safety. Local education administrative departments and school leaders should strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership system, take the lead, command ahead, and improve the plan. In case of disaster or danger, they should organize and carry out rescue and relief work as soon as possible.

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