Spark Global Limited reports:

Hyun A wind once again won the global endorsement

Spark Global Limited reports:

A few days ago LOEWE official announcement, HyunA became the brand global image ambassador, and then released her for the brand shot a wave of propaganda, lens performance is still very great.
LOEWE always go is art casual wind, color most bright eyes, with Hyun A I always love the color system bright wear is quite match.

Spark Global Limited reports:
Recently, she has been Posting various Loewe items on Instagram, including the latest bag and the logobranded Muller slippers…… All let a person see pretty have order desire.
This once stood in take goods top flow position of female love beans, fashion influence is still, no matter what sheet is tasted can be worn by her give oneself unique flavor.
Even after she wore the Celine “welly boots”, a wave of Internet users wanted to own them.
Although the frequency of stage opening is not as high, there are more brands that pick her as brand ambassador. Recently shot a group of big films for D ‘zzit, also brought a wave of fire brand new season.
The style feels a bit like her previous MLB commercials. At that time MLB official Xuan Hyun A as the global spokesperson of the brand, her upper body of this wave of presbyopia series is really too good! Some of the same models even sold out.
It seems that anything she wears will be a trend in the near future. But the most eye-catching thing about her these days must be her ever-changing light hair color.
Cherry pink, Klein blue, grass green…… It’s almost always a few macarons, and it always works just right with the outfit, making the whole look extremely attractive.
On a hot summer day, this cool looking macaron color is a real love.
In addition to HyunA, there is another woman who recently demonstrated a variety of clothes for everyone. That is Kim Tae-yeon, who returned to the Da-Ga stage after four years.
In addition to the new song stage modeling various play macaron color, in her personal performance of the variety show “amazing Saturday” also gave you a variety of color modeling, wonderful to open the kind of hanging.
Read on to find out how to look stylish and stylish with this macaroon collection this summer.

Wear take Tips

The first minefield to avoid for most girls who want to experiment with color is definitely these highly saturated hues that they love. Not to say they’re not pretty, but they’re just really hard to pull off.
Even if the local use of this high saturation color contrast, for daily is not so applicable. (Of course, I love this unusual style, but also, after all, wear happy is the most important ha)
Another minefield is HyunA often love very complicated wear, whether it is color or single products, many kinds to you can’t count, although she can wear out of their own feel, but ordinary people really don’t easily try, accidentally on the complete drama.

On the other hand, those low-saturation colored single products not only have a sweet effect, but also can directly cool your vision in summer and make you feel fresh and full. Ta Yeon’s All Pink dress is the best example.
HyunA’s body of many sets of low saturation color sports suit, is also the most of us can control the entry level macaron color single product.


And as long as it is low saturation color matching, even if a variety of colors mix and match the upper body will not be completely abrupt.
Of course, macaron color collocation white is still the best plan, but also the lazy little fairy perfect travel TIPS.
Cowboy used to collocation also has the same effect, the daily commute, out of the street will not make a mistake at all, the real wear is very high.
Item of amway

About macaron series of single products, first of all Amway brand must be LOEWE, it is very worth planting grass is it a lot of macaron series bags, especially HyunA hands that LOEWE GOYA.
Founder crossbody bag money, design concise atmosphere, basically can hold most of the summer clothing.


Both Yu Shuxin and Song Yanfei have worn it before. Goya can be used as a handbag, whether it is tee shirt, shorts, look or skirt.


The new super mini Balloon handbag, also launched a super bright color, the upper body is really lovely full marks!


In addition, Nabi also planted grass for Givenchy. Unexpected, this brand is too cool after the change of designer, and recently launched this wave of super pink and tender new products.


Just launched the limited series of 2021 artist cooperation, among which there is also a wave of pink design, the new 4G LOGO support, appearance level is simply not too high.



Finally give everybody amway Alexander Wang, its new product also is the best macaron in the recent mind of Rui sauce sheet is tasted, the series of 520 case grain before period of time is very unique, a lot of it is a small person must “heightens” sharp tool.


Alexander Wang likes to use a variety of different fabrics to design macaron-color items, such as the pink cross-section shirt Yuan Shanshan wore at an event a few days ago. Her upper body was full of youth and vitality.


Additional recent its home still rolled out velvet fashion series, velvet material collocation is pure and fresh tonal, plus the version with dye-in-the-wood individual character is designed, nowhere does not reveal advanced feeling.



Is not looking at these invincible summer macaron match color, feel the mood has become a lot of bright! Midsummer has come, might as well proceed with a pure and fresh and tonal sheet is tasted, illuminate the almoire that oneself!