Spark Global Limited reports:

The sweet “broiled love” of Givenchy is engraved in my heart

Spark Global Limited reports:

Last weekend, she was invited to the Givenchy store of Taikoo, Chengdu, and had a close look at the limited collection of Givenchy 2021 artist collaboration.

Four Givenchy 2021 Zhilove Ambassadors — Guo Caijie, Liu Xianhua, Zeng Keni and Ma Siwei — also came to the store one after another to attend this series launch activity.

Would you like to know what items they have planted on site? Want to see what they look like in the collection? Want to know more about this collection?

Spark Global Limited reports:

Let’s have a look back at the event and explore the lovely and charming “Sunburn Love” print with Miss Mi

Givenchy 2021 Artist Collaboration Limited Series

Released at Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li Store

This time, Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store series of release activities, four Zhiai four ambassadors have attended.

Liu wore a short sleeve with a graffiti heart print, a black suit and black leather boots for the Givenchy 2021 Artist Colloation limited collection.

Mature and stable because of the love graffiti sleeve with a trace of cute.

Meet Dahua this time, honey sister also captured his handsome and lovely side ~

Caijie Guo is a change of the past cool sa wind, transformed into ALL PINK sweet girl.

Givenchy 2021 artist collaboration limited collection pink 4G jacquard denim dress with black croissant heels.

A solid metallic crystal earrings pair with a pink cutout handbag, while the makeup ranges from eyeliner to lipstick

When I met Kony in April, she was still a cool girl in a windbreaker with long hair floating down to her waist.

This time she wore Givenchy’s 2021 Artist ColABORation Limited Collection padlock adorned with a red knit and a black half skirt. Her legs were the same hot — too long.

A metal necklace decorated with padlock, a black cutout bag and black high heels, the red and black color palette is truly unbeatable

Although her hairstyle was changed a lot for the role, it didn’t affect her good looks at all.

Marth wore a baby face with a heart-print shirt and black denim trousers in the Givenchy 2021 Artist Colloation limited collection.

Metal necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and black padlock ankle boots, graffiti prints and metal accessories make a striking impact with the Rapper.

In addition to the limited series release of this cooperation, we will bring all the pieces of clothing to the store site.

Also held a spectacular “Sunburn love” summer Sunburn love ice cream car card activities!

Next to the shop is an ice cream van made from a new line of modern summer “Chore Love” prints, which combine graffiti dolls and hearts.

You can get one of the red, pink, white and black ice cream by participating in the activities on site

At the same time, there is a special limited series of balloons for you to take photos and punch in.

The ambassadors also record their romantic moments in front of ice cream trucks or holding balloons


At the scene to experience some of the honey sister said: balloon, really good-looking! Ice cream, yummy! There are so many people!

Finally, take a look at the video and get a feel for the atmosphere

Givenchy 2021 Artist Collaboration Limited Series

Collaborated with artist Chito to create the summer “Sunburn Love” print

After exploring the store, let’s take a closer look. What are the highlights of this limited series of artist cooperation?

A, the color

Givenchy’s new limited series of 2021 artist collaboration celebrates precious love, friendship and unique temperament on the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Bright and bright colors (red, pink, white and black) are used in the design, and a wonderful combination of classic elements and novel design.

Simple four colors, in the hands of the designer fancy transformation out of a variety of single products, and the series of single products, but also as a couple of matching oh ~

Two, “Sunburn love” printing

In addition to the classic 4G Logo elements of the Givenchy brand, creative director Matthew M. Williams collaborated with artist Chito to create two unique summer “Hot Love” prints.

The first is a very modern graffiti doll love print.

Apply to ladies’ red mohair long sleeve cardigan, red silk shirt with zipper decoration and red and black patchwork printed short sleeve T-shirt.

For men’s wear, there are red sweaters, red short-sleeved shirts, black blazers, off-white short-sleeved T-shirts, black jackets and black Bermuda shorts.

In the official picture, Liu Xianhua, Zeng Keni and Ma Siwei are wearing graffiti dolls with love printed items.

The second is a combination of the brand’s classic 4G Logo and the artist’s signature 4G graffiti love print.

Black hoodies with button-down waists, pink short-sleeved Givenchy Logo flocking T-shirts, and black short-sleeved T-shirt skirts provide women with a variety of day wear options.

In the official photo, Guo Caijie wears a black short sleeve, which is also the same print design.

A black print back blazer, a black print short-sleeved shirt, and a red print short-sleeved T-shirt provide men with more practical and stylish pieces to wear.

Hui sister is wearing the limited series of 4G graffiti heart printed white T, matching simple shorts is also very good

Like Dahua, 4G graffiti red print short sleeves as a suit, in fact, is also a very good choice.

Readymade garments for men and women

In addition to colors and prints, there are many items worth planting in this collection.

For example, the 4G LOGO jacquard denim jacket in the women’s ready-to-wear collection is decorated with unique hidden buttons at the waist. When the buttons are closed, the loose denim jacket can be transformed into a slim-fitting jacket designed with a waist tucked in.

The collection also featured a sleeveless denim dress in pink and white with 4G Logo, a light pink short-sleeved shirt and an embroidered ribbed Givenchy Logo dress.

Caijie Guo at the event scene is one of the sleeveless denim dress, matching with the same color department cut-out bag is really sweet cool full marks ~

In addition to the girl-filled pink pieces, it is worth mentioning that this cardigan is worn by Zeng Keni at the event.

The red over-the-shoulder cardigan is matched with 4G metal padlock, which adds a valour to the soft knitting material.

The men’s ready-to-wear collection features a classic black 4G Logo dark jacquard denim jacket, denim shirt, slim denim trousers and white cotton shirt with zip-up decoration.

Bags and accessories

In addition to clothes, the most favorite items in this designer collaboration collection must be bags and accessories!

The very popular Vertical Antigona line of handbags is specially available in 4G Monogram in bright red.

The instantly popular 4G line also comes in a red leather and beige canvas patchwork style.

A pink 4G Monogram jacquard bucket bag (the one from Ms. Zeng) and a red 4G metal padlock adorned heart-shaped bag add a hot zest to the collection.

(PS: The red heart-shaped bag on the right will be a new pick for girls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.)

In addition, silver metal water bottles with red leather straps, unisex graffiti doll print sneakers, 4G Monogram printed cotton candy slippers, and 4G printed baseball caps all provide more options for everyday wear.

Guo Caijie and Dahua are also at the event site and silver metal kettle play that call a joy ~

The fashionable dress that still set limit to rolled out exquisite individual character to act the role of this, the 4G metal padlock that red and argent collocation is symbolizing beautiful love.

On the occasion of Tanabata, have such a good-looking metal padlock with good meaning, to protect your sweet love ~

Street time exclusive interview with Zeng Keni

Ahead of the event, the actress had an exclusive conversation with Zeng. Let’s take a look at her understanding of the prints, what she has to wear on set, and what her top three memes are

Our street shot time X Zengconi

OSS: Givenchy’s new 2021 artist collaboration limited collection of graffiti prints, what do you think?

Zeng Koni: In my previous official photos, I wore the same top with the main print doll graffiti, and I liked it so much that I set it up as a screensaver on my phone. The little girl’s baby face (graffiti), very attitude.

OSS: If you were to collaborate with your friend Amway Givenchy 2021 Artist for a limited collection, what would you do with Amway?

Zeng Koni: I think every single item is worth going to Amway. Blends, shirts, jewelry, bags… Each one is a very attitude, simple and textured thing, need not say much, you look (will understand) ~

OSS: What was the biggest challenge for you working on the show?

Zeng Keni: I actually think that there is a limit challenge both physically and physically when we are shooting. Because we are shooting very far from the hotel, we get up very early. Sometimes I joke that I feel like I am in military training.

OSS: Are there any good things you have to take with you when you’re on set?

Zeng Koni: I bring an extra big water bottle with me every day to remind myself to drink more water. Then there were all kinds of fans, hand-held fans, neck hanging fans, and a little pink electric fan in the style of King of Glory Joe.

OSS: As a Disney fan, what are the things you must clock in every time you go to Disneyland?

Zeng Koni: The Speed Nimbus.

OSS: What are your three favorite emojis in your daily life? Can you share them with us?

Zeng Keni: Recently, the most used emojis are He Shuhuan and Yiping’s emojis from Deep Love in the Rain, which are very useful, as well as teacher Wu Jing’s “Wu Yu”, “Da Baa”, and my own emojis.

Givenchy’s new 2021 Artist Collaborations limited series has been launched in Givenchy’s official WeChat mini program on July 9th, and officially launched in Givenchy’s national boutiques on July 17th.