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Mother of a famous school shows 6-year-old reading 2000 English picture books

Spark Global Limited reports:

Dinner with friends on weekends.

I’ve been dating for months, but I haven’t had time. This time when she says she won’t see me again, I’m afraid she’ll suffer from anxiety and depression.

I said, come on, come on, I specialize in all kinds of parental anxiety.

So, in the pouring rain, we met once.

Spark Global Limited reports:


In fact, she was not the kind of person who would worry about children.

This is not because of her personality, but as an executive in a company, her daily work is too busy, although not 007 would be better than 996, the workload is not too far from the Internet community.

When you’re struggling at work, you don’t have much time for your kids, so you’re unlikely to have educational anxiety (anyone think this is a particularly good way to deal with anxiety).

But the good times did not last long. The carefree days lasted until elementary school, when the happiness of being an ignorant parent was suddenly shattered.

Why? Because she entered the first universe in the Zhongguancun X small parents group.

The main style of this group has been popularized by all kinds of people, that is, learning to compare with the Joneses at all uses:

You find a one-to-one coach to learn Mathematical Olympiad I will sign up for 5 Mathematical Olympiad classes, your home training excellent I rise to create; I need to take the PET exam for the KET exam. If you know 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty by heart, then my goal is 1,000!

‘Originally, these parents were chasing each other, and I was just looking around,’ she says. After all, their children in the school exam has never been under 95 points, so she felt that no matter they can also, all rely on baby drive should be enough to fight six small strong bar.

But recently, the mother of a doctor from a prestigious university shared that she found herself too naive!

Raz has read more than 2000 English picture books since his child is 6 years old and has not yet entered primary school. Go home to see their own home baby’s English, although also read a lot of books, but than others pre-school children are inferior, how to see how slag!

She had been engaged in management for many years, and her IQ was not low. She soon found out that the key problem was not her children, but her low commitment to herself.

Who are all those mothers? Graduated from famous schools with a high degree of education, put the social contribution not to do, return to the family devoted to the chicken baby, only sprint six small strong, this is a kind of what kind of spirit? !

Look at yourself, general school graduation only work, also want to enter Haidian six Xiaoqiang? It is to delay the child clearly, sorry family, still owe the society…

She just wanted to ask me if I should quit my job and go home and live the standard life of my mother.


I’m all over it. But I still calmed down and asked her, what is your educational goal? Speak up and I’ll help you analyze the feasibility.

She thought for a few seconds, said is to enter the Haidian six Xiaoqiang.

I said, what about after the Big Six? Want to let the baby into Tsinghua University?

She hurriedly waved a hand to say, have no, dare not think of Tsinghua University at all.

I said, it’s okay, be brave! Let’s take Qingbei as our target. Otherwise, you are a full-time mother who earns a million yuan a year not to devote yourself to the education of a child.

So have you thought about what your children will be able to do after they study North Qing Dynasty?

After finishing the undergraduate course, you can either continue to study, work or start your own business. Reading is not much to say, this each by strength; When it comes to work, are graduates from units like yours comfortable? Grass-roots staff salary is ordinary, and can not pass the interview was eliminated at the end of the bar; Choose to start a business, that is really close to death, graduation from a famous university can not save a life.

Do not believe you see the circle of the Internet now, the north of the Qing Dynasty many, but still flat but two people: one is deep big, one is a teacher. Find someone to reason with!

After finishing graduate school, I still have these three ways. More sad is that the world is changing fast, in the school more delay a few years, out of the business and work of the way are called students all kinds of blocking, fight physical strength still fight little teacher younger brother, right?

After the PhD, well, there’s not that much left.

“Why?” she asked.

I said, because of the marriage age ah! After giving birth to children are full – time chicken baby, into the Haidian six small and began to struggle!

She spat out a mouthful of water. Calmly and sadly, I told her I wasn’t kidding.

This is the real life of the mother of a famous school who sent her child to read 2000 English picture books at the age of 6.

Oh, no. She’s a tool person at best, with no life of her own.

This still assumes you from Haidian six Xiaoqiang admitted to Tsinghua University. If you pass the exam, what if you fail? So if you’re so excited to fight, please figure out why.


You know what? Reading 2000 English graded picture books at the age of 6 is not envious at all, but should be a sympathetic tears for them.

Because in the language number of three primary school basic learning, English learning is the most no technical content.

How can I put it?

Mathematical logic, must be on the IQ requirements, otherwise the Olympiad will not be able to become every talented child selection competition must choose items; The language speaks the understanding, because the mother tongue learns to speak the depth, is not the superficial language learns, knows a literal meaning can settle.

However, English learning is a second language, which requires neither intelligence nor depth. It is just a matter of time for results.

Why did some people go on one-on-one online for 30 minutes before and find that some children are effective, but most of them are blind?

It is because most parents think that spent money to find a foreign teacher, the child’s English will fly out of the sky on the rocket, do not know those speaking clever baby, mother also with 1 hour before class preview, 1 hour after class homework.

It’s just a pipe dream to become fluent in English with no time to spare.

But! On the other hand, you will also find that every child, as long as the time is spent steadily, the level of the difference is not much.

So is it something to be proud of knowing 1,500 words at the age of five? It’s not worth it. If it’s not genius, it’s forced growth. It’s all about the family tragedies of chickens flying and dogs jumping and babies being beaten.

Is reading 2,000 picture books at the age of six enviable? It’s not worth it. Learning for no reason, hard work, but extremely inefficient… Tragedy.

Originally the child 1000 this may have completed the phased learning, parents must play the number game, this is to play the snake game? It’s good to spend that half of your time reading more storybooks, doing more exercises, or even having fun outdoors. It’s good for your eyes and your body and mind.

As a result, the degree is quite high old mother, the whole body hard target is to do a number, feel their dedication to the baby, but the essence is still not out of the working mentality, blindly crazy pursuit of KPI.

Is the future of children digital driven KPIs?

If so, you really don’t have to have a child. You can purchase a robot doll directly, and it is easier to control and reach the standard by playing nurseries games.


She told me it seemed like an Epiphany. But how to learn English in the end ah (no ads below)!

I said, don’t tease me, you haven’t figured it out at all! Around me a circle, he is still in situ pestle. As I said, English is not difficult, it just takes time.

But I have to ask you what is your goal in learning English? Because the goal determines the depth of learning, traveling abroad and going to the United States to study in high school, it takes different time.

Set your goals and then plan your time. If you want to travel as the standard, it is enough to follow the requirements of the school teachers; If you’re going to an American high school, you’ll probably have to read dozens of original books every year.

There is no need to do nothing, because the world is so wonderful and there are so many things more interesting than reading English picture books at home (early is to accumulate words, with illustrations to piece together the story).

Moreover, to read English well, Chinese reading is absolutely the foundation. Once you know your mother tongue, your ability to understand the second foreign language will be improved, right? Therefore, to emphasize English reading, it is better to do a good job in Chinese reading first.

And she said, yeah, yeah, my kids like to read, read all kinds of books. Pure text of “undersea twenty thousand li” original work, hold up to read, recently hold a grandson art of war to do research, with relish.

I really have no choice. How can someone else live with the anxiety of raising an angel child?

What’s more, the first thing her kids do when they get home is do homework on their own, and then they take up hobbies: one reading, the other playing with Legos.

With all due respect, the mother of a child like this is holding him back if he has to go home full time and follow a rigorous study schedule.

Have you ever seen a willow grow through the air in a vacuum sealed test tube? Want the child to develop well, must give enough time, give enough space, do not go home easily when stumbling block.

You immerse yourself in the spirit of dedication and pay for the child’s pleasure, the baby may not appreciate it!

After all, everyone is an individual, even as a parent, also have to have a little at least consciousness, you really are not as important as they think. The right way to be a parent is to do what you should do and leave what you shouldn’t do.