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If girls are kept wild, they will make fewer detours when they grow up

Spark Global Limited reports:

“You don’t have to be too ‘female,'” was one of the top responses.

Answer is an excellent girl who lives a very sober life. She has not fixed her growth thinking in the female model since she was young. Instead, she keeps working hard and challenging herself, and finally becomes a girl who lives her own life.

Some time ago, a video caused a lot of controversy, in which the girls sat on the front of the chair, drinking tea cups, bowed their heads and smiled, charming, soft and pretentious. Netizens have questioned why they raise girls to be such a people-pleasing figure.

What should a girl look like?

Professor Li Meijin once said, “Many families make great efforts to train their girls in the direction of a good lady. But the beautiful girl, once married to a rogue, there is no self-protection ability, because her childhood education is particularly civilized and polite, self-restraint. But others do not discipline ah, others will bully, hurt these beautiful girls. So if parents want their children to go out into the world safely, they have to teach them two things: how to meet people and how to protect themselves.”

Spark Global Limited reports:

Continuously with the development of the society, all kinds of malignant events occur, the fact is telling us, gentle is virtuous, fair maiden modesty, pure lovely little princess is no longer adapt to the society, want to let daughter live better in the future, must want to let her have a sober mind, have the ability of self-protection, so girls must be have a little “wild”.

Be “wild”

In “Only Thirty”, Zhong Xiaoqin is a good – tempered girl with a good personality. Even her husband Chen Yu also said that the reason to marry her is to save her trouble.

However, this good girl in the eyes of others felt very painful because of her “good”. She said, “For the past 30 years, I have been living in other people’s expectations, step by step, dare not make a mistake to get to this day, which is not interesting at all. In the future, I want to do something I like and be a different person.”

Most parents want their daughters to be obedient, go to school, work, get married, have children, and live their lives in peace, and even criticize and criticize girls who are too independent.

They dare not follow their own hearts. Before they get married, they live according to their parents’ plans. After they get married, they live for their families. They are used to sacrificing themselves to please others and wronged themselves all their lives.

Wong once wrote a lyric to her daughter, Dou Jingtong: “You can be bad, but don’t be bad.”

The family has a girl, must let her character “wild” a little, let her character with a little edge.

You can understand, but have boundaries, and if you are touched, be brave to say “no”!

You may be meek, but when you face the wicked, show your tusks!

Girls with wild personalities are more independent, more confident, and better able to live their lives, which can be used as an umbrella to protect them in critical situations.


Physical strength “wild”

Tian Liang’s daughter Sen De has been nicknamed “a woman like the wind” by netizens since her childhood. She is proficient in tennis, skateboarding, football, swimming, javelin throwing and running. In Tian Liang’s photos, she is not only nearly 170 tall, but also marveled at the tight muscles on her legs and arms.

Olympic champion li xiaopeng’s daughter is a sports ace since childhood, gymnastics, tennis, taekwondo, skiing and football are playing well, a young age, has had four abdominal muscles!

Plato said: In order for human beings to have a successful life, God provides two channels — education and exercise. Represents a child’s future not only achievement, but also a healthy body and strong and sound personality.

We tend to pay more attention to the boy’s sports, let him to run and jump, go crazy to make trouble, once the girl jumped up and down, criticize her for not looking like a girl.

Girls to be weak, just more can be pities of the time has passed, the home has a daughter, must let her develop a “female man”.

A girl who loves sports not only has a smart brain and a healthy and flexible body, but also has the ability to protect and take care of herself. Even in danger, she is strong enough to run away faster than any one else!

Be wild at heart

One of China’s Olympic flag-bearers at the 2022 Summer Olympics is the captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Zhu Ting.

Zhu Ting has been a tough kid since she was a child. She has created one miracle after another: the world’s No. 1 main attacker, the most valuable player and 10 MVP……

Zhu Ting once said in the program, “I think self-confidence is given by myself, because the inner strength can never be surpassed.”

There is no lack of such girls around us, timid and sensitive, fragile heart, a little thing can not go out, often cry depression, and even choose to go to extremes.

Do not want to let the girl become a weak grass, we must help the girl develop a strong heart, let her heart “wild” a little.

Teach girls to dare to release their “wild”;

Train girls to have a strong and indomitable will;

Let girls have the quotient of adversity;

Helping girls have big ambitions is full of ambition.

Heart “wild” a little girl will not be anyone down, when encountered difficult rotten people rotten things, can bravely “cut the tangle”; The girl who is “wild” at heart is not stuck in front of the moment, and will make efforts to grow up and become a better version of herself at any time.


Learn to be “wild”

Li Xueqin became a hit with “the end of the universe is tieling” in the “joke conference”. The reason why Li Xueqin is successful is that her content is with a certain depth and thinking, constantly flowing out of the point of view is refreshing.

In the variety show “Fifty Miles of Peach Blossoms”, when Li Xueqin talked about loneliness, he exploded a golden sentence: “Lonely people are lonely wherever they are. What is alleviated by the crowd is not loneliness but loneliness”, which was hit by numerous netizens thumb up.

In particular, she and a “God of Yoko”, more netizens called “the ceiling of domestic variety”.

Li Xueqin does not have a beautiful appearance, nor a graceful figure, and even she does not care much about dress, but she has made her own place in the “lookism” entertainment circle with her talent.

The top scorer in the college entrance examination, a degree from Peking University, and all the books she has read have become the capital for her success today.

There was once a popular video on the Internet, in which mothers dressed their daughters as little princesses, wearing gorgeous dresses and delicate hairstyles. The mothers proudly “enriched” their daughters, believing that the best materially raised girls are the best.

This view of education is really painful, and then the United States of the skin, the brain is empty, but also a bag.

A person may not be beautiful all his life, but he can be wise all his life.

Dong Qing has the inner beauty of “being poetic and elegant”, while Zhan Qingyun has sharp views and sensitive thinking. The reason why they become the winners in life is not their appearance, but their rich knowledge accumulation, clever mind and deep thinking.

Knowledge “wild” girls, more clear-headed, they can clearly plan for their own direction of life, they have an eye for people, calm things, they know that life should rely on their own grasp, will try to make themselves a sparkling person.

Take girls shopping less clothes, take girls to the library to read more; Take girls to beauty parlor and nail salon less, take girls to museum more; Take a girl less soap opera, take her to see more documentaries; Less material to dress up the girl, multi-purpose knowledge to enrich the girl.

Never underestimate the power of knowledge! It will make a girl have a more brilliant life!

Look wild

Every year on the 24th solar term, Li Yapeng takes his daughter Li Yan to the Ming Tombs Reservoir for scientific observation, and has been doing so for six years.

He took his daughter to see the world, and traveling twice a year was a required course for them. Li Yapeng took Li Yan to visit the Forbidden City more than 50 times and even hired a special teacher who studied Chinese history with Li Yan for seven years.

In one issue of Teenager Talk, 12-year-old Yang Yuyan has been to more than 40 places with her parents. She said that when she went to middle school, she found that she had experienced and witnessed all the knowledge on books.

Yang’s mother said, “We can see a lot of scenery and experience local culture during our trip. But what I hope more is that as you travel, you learn to see life’s difficulties in a different light. I can see myself in a different light.”

Take more girls out to walk, see the world, broaden their horizons. “Wild” vision is not only rich knowledge, understanding the world, but also let girls know that the world is so big, don’t stick to the present; Life is wonderful, don’t dwell on the nitty griness of it. Life is rich, and you have every right to enjoy it.

One of my favorite bloggers said, “Please raise the girl the way you raise the boy. If you think boys should be brave, then girls should be brave, and if boys should be independent, girls should be independent.”

Do not develop the daughter “silly white sweet”, spoil drowned into inept little princess, this is not love but harm.

I really want to make my daughter happy in the future, and I want to give her the best protection, so that my daughter can have a healthy body, a rich mind, a strong heart, and a tough character!