A man should have his bottom line and principles

Never throw three bottom lines or you’ll ruin your life

What is the bottom line?

A man should have his bottom line and principles

The bottom line is the minimum character, is also born a necessary condition.


Bottom line, invisible, but rooted in the heart;Touch not, but the impact of a lifetime.


People living in the world, must adhere to the following three bottom lines, if lost one, will be destroyed life.


No matter how difficult a man is, he cannot default on his debts


As the saying goes, “Money is not everything, but without money you can do nothing.”


In life, most people follow this principle and place a high value on money.


Some people think that “gentlemen love money, take youdao”, they will get wealth in a proper way.


Some people think that the process of making money is not important, what is important is the result, so they do whatever they can to achieve it.


They are keen on “get-rich-quick”, and look down upon diligent and dependable people in their hearts.


Not only that, they also always under the banner of “friendship”, borrow other people’s money to invest big.


Regardless of success or not, once the money to their hands, and the so-called friendship together gone down the drain.


Such a man has no conscience long since, owing and ungrateful.


They don’t take into account that the people who can lend to them are the ones who know, the ones who can be cheated, the ones who trust them.


To win a person’s trust, often need a long time to maintain the heart, but destruction, only need a moment.


A man who has broken his promise will not find human kindness valuable until he really needs help from others.


In this world, everyone has his bad days. To live up to his wishes is to give himself a back door.


No matter how hard life is, it can’t be cunning


Life is short, some people, in the bitter heart of good, but some people in the bitter, the choice of cunning.


Li Linfu, the prime minister in the Xuanzong period of Tang Dynasty, was a crafty man.


In the face of the emperor’s appreciation of the people, he either flatters, or honeyed.


Li linfu courted the emperor’s favorite concubines, consorting with eunuchs and concubines to learn about the emperor’s whereabouts and preferences.


Because every time he started writing, he got the emperor’s heart, so he was appreciated.


After that, he was very afraid of being replaced, and if he found anyone who threatened his position, he would play a secret game.

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  1. It often takes a long time to gain a person’s trust, but it only takes a moment to destroy.Thank you for your sharing.

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