“I am sorry. I am the overseas student who spent 1.4 million yuan in 5 years and returned home with a monthly salary of 4,500 yuan.”

Recently, a video showing an overseas student studying in the United States spending 1.4 million yuan for five years and only earning 4,500 yuan a month after returning home has sparked heated discussion online.

The student in the video graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree. According to his own words, it is not an elite university, nor a pheasant university, but an ordinary university that ranks low in the US Top100.


He spent 1.4 million RMB for four years of undergraduate study, plus one year of high school and five years studying in the United States, which is a huge investment for an average Chinese family.

I believe this student must have a very rich family, but his parents sent him to the United States to study in the hope of better development in the future.

But things didn’t turn out as he shared his experience in the video, where he interviewed more than a dozen foreign trade companies and all offered him a base salary of around 4,000 yuan. Only the boss of a company is willing to see that he is a returnee’s share, more than 500 yuan……


But this 500 yuan still comes at a price. You can’t show arrogance to your colleagues just because you are a returnee.

Across the screen, I seemed to be able to feel the student’s anger after being humiliated.

To tell the truth, this kind of news in the study abroad circle has often seen, spend millions to study abroad, the monthly salary of 4 or 5 thousand people are in. Every time I was pulled out and laughed at.


After the ridicule, should we also examine why the news of sea turtles becoming “kelp” has become a topic of great ridicule among young people.

The “gilded” era of studying abroad is over

Studying abroad experience in today, in fact, is not uncommon!

It is more like a stepping-stone, a stepping-stone to the door of a larger world, but whether it can be knocked, how far it can go, only depends on the individual!

Some study abroad is returnees, some study abroad is “sea waste”, some study abroad graduation is still doing a monthly salary of 4000 jobs, some graduate into Dachang, to achieve life reverse attack, annual salary of 500 thousand start!

Nowadays, with the increasing number of overseas students, it is difficult to find a well-paid and decent job just by being an “overseas student”.


“The premium for studying abroad has basically disappeared,” said He Fan, a prominent economics professor at Peking University.

The original expectations of Chinese parents were unrealistic. The original expectation was that “since I am abroad, the brand of the foreign school in China will have a premium over the brand of the domestic school”. Now, if you’re still counting on that, there’s no need to go out, because now the premium is basically gone.

This is a big trend, no matter what in the future, the premium space between foreign brands and domestic brands will be smaller and smaller. Just like mobile phones, a Huawei mobile phone and an Apple mobile phone premium space is getting smaller and smaller.

So if you’re expecting to say, “I’m studying abroad and I’m going to get a higher salary when I come back,” don’t even think about it. You are likely to earn less than a Chinese college graduate.