The United States provides more than $4 billion in emergency education grants to states to help students stay in school

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced on January 9, 2021, that additional COVID-19 emergency funding totaling more than $4 billion will be available to states to ensure that students of all ages and in all schools can continue to learn.

As I’ve said since the beginning of the pandemic, parents are looking to states, localities, and schools to build strong and decisive leadership to ensure that students can continue to learn in ways that work for them, said Secretary Betsy DeVos. While some state and local education leaders have begun to take action, too many parents are frustrated that their children can’t learn on their own. Every governor needs to use these taxpayer funds to safely reopen schools and ensure that all students have a choice about whether they want to learn for themselves, because school lockdown has had a devastating impact on our students, especially those from low-income families.

These funds provide services and assistance to non-public schools to address educational disruption. These funds support activities related to the safe reopening of schools, continuing teaching and addressing learning loss, including: cleaning educational facilities; Access to personal protective equipment; Improving the ventilation system; Training and professional development to help educators implement the new safety codes; Novel Coronavirus Test and Contact Trace; Educational technology; Reformulate the teaching plan; Transportation costs; Support for distance and hybrid learning, reimbursement for many expenses associated with Novel Coronavirus, and more.