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Work and rest in summer

The plane left Beijing in sleep with the duo Feng practice team of Beijing Normal University and landed in Daliang Mountain, which is full of beautiful and mysterious mountains and valleys, a few hours later. Then take the bus to the deep mountain, and finally arrive at Chenguang primary school in Xide County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province at dinner time. Ji Haoyang, the team leader, has come to Liangshan for the second time to support education. He is familiar with and kind to the “scenery” along the way because of his many experiences in supporting education around Beijing.

“The Qinggan Ring Road in July is a good time.” A few travel strategies that I accidentally glimpsed on the social platform quietly planted a seed in Zheng Ru’s heart of East China Jiaotong University. Growing up in the south, she was deeply attracted by the mountains and lakes in the Northwest Plateau. Known as “God’s overturned palette”, Zhangye colorful Danxia is wrapped in mystery in Zheng Ru’s eyes. After much consideration, she decided to take Xining as her first destination after the final exam week“ One sixth of a year is worth grasping. ”

“From July 12 to July 16, participate in a summer news practice group; From July 23 to August 5, he supported education in Qinghai; From August 6 to 14, I went to Fujian to interview members of Tsinghua University at the local rural revitalization workstation. ” Referring to this year’s summer vacation plan, Zhang Jiawen, a sophomore majoring in English at Tsinghua University, excitedly talked about her summer vacation plan. For Zhang Jiawen, who has just found the “direction of life”, she should make good use of all her time to “do what she likes best.”

Recently, China Youth Daily and China Youth school media launched a questionnaire survey on the topic of “summer vacation arrangement” for college students across the country. The results show that 22.44% of the college students think that vacation should be a time for enrichment and promotion, and they will arrange more study and work for themselves; 72.35% of them said that they should combine work with rest, and 5.22% thought that holidays were pure rest time and would not arrange any study and work tasks for themselves.

College students “recharge” through summer social practice and internship

Near the summer vacation, Ji Haoyang, as the team leader, contacted the Liangshan education foundation to determine the location of supporting teaching, while recruiting supporting teaching team members in the school. Compared with when he came to Liangshan as a freshman, he had more problems to consider. We should do a good job in safety and emergency plans, bring enough daily necessities and medicines, and most importantly, we should have a good class during our half month here. For the team members who set foot on this land for the first time, the whole day’s rush from morning to night, coupled with the inadaptability to dormitory, toilet and diet, the frustration is inevitable. “Some team members hardly eat or drink one day, and their mood almost collapses at night.”. But at this time of the next day, they prepared lessons in the office until 11 p.m., and formally entered the role of “teacher”.

“Participating in the summer teaching group” is the front runner of many college students’ summer affairs list, and Zhang Jiawen is no exception. After participating in the propaganda meeting of the school’s supporting education group, Zhang Jiawen realized that a qualified member of the supporting education group is like a beacon for the local children to light the road of navigation. “Before, she didn’t realize what she could do for the society, but when you saw the children’s smiling faces, you answered his doubts. After that, they really had a direction and became full of joy, You will find that you can really do something for the society now. ”

According to the survey, 44.9% of the respondents will use the summer vacation to teach themselves a skill, such as driving test, learning foreign languages, learning software, etc., 41.26% will participate in summer social practice, and 22.77% will arrange internship tasks for themselves. Preparation for postgraduate entrance examination and IELTS (21.45%), volunteer travel and volunteer action (10.85%), summer camp and postgraduate study travel (4%) are also the alternatives for college students to fill the holiday gap.

Just after the summer vacation, Zhou Zhengkai of China Agricultural University arranged his internship. As a freshman this year, he interned in a media brand department. He participated in the implementation of offline activities, sorted out the materials of activities, cooperated with the publicity of activities, and started the project of “cultural and creative brand operation” that he always wanted to try. Every day he was busy and full. He has a lot of practical experience recently“ Learning professional knowledge and practice is a two-way empowerment process. The theoretical framework of learning in school provides a mode of structural thinking. Some of the thinking I get from my work can also be fed back to my study, which can provide reference for my academic development. ”

The time of contacting with students is regarded as a two-way “charging” process by Ji Haoyang“ In the course design, we think more about how to broaden students’ horizons and cultivate students’ interests. ” The day courses they designed include “children’s drama”, “wonderful ancient characters”, “Song Dynasty food culture”, “traveling all over Russia” and “folk voice”. On the first day of the class, in order to let the local children get familiar with the members of the supporting education team as soon as possible, the members of duofeng supporting education team also designed a “real library” link. As a “real person book”, the teachers write down their keywords on the blackboard. Students can “read” each teacher by asking questions and chatting“ I wrote some of my sports hobbies on the blackboard. Some students asked me what is triathlon and what events are in the Olympic Games. I asked them all kinds of questions. I also showed them the photos taken on the campus of Beijing Normal University. ” During this period, Ji Haoyang was deeply impressed by a child’s words, “probably because after listening to our story, that child had a relatively vivid understanding of a specific university for the first time, and firmly said that he would go to Beijing Normal University in the future.”

“Corner overtaking” or “simple happiness”? Hope “fish and bear’s paw can have both”

The prosperous Zheng Ru soon raised the whole plan of “renting a car to travel around Qinggan grand Ring Road”. After the exam week, she can’t wait to start a dream seeking journey with her friends“ The whole loop is about 3200km, which takes about 7-8 days. ” Everything is difficult at the beginning. Zheng Ru introduces how difficult it is for her and her friends to prepare for the journey“ Optimize the route, contact the driver, purchase food and medicine… The whole preparation process is very training. ” But after driving through the no man’s land and seeing mountains and cattle and sheep everywhere through the window, Zheng Ru felt that all her efforts were worth it“ When we see the green field and the blue sky meet, the fatigue of the journey disappears

According to the survey, 23.79% of the college students surveyed think that leisure should be the main holiday. This coincides with the idea of Liu Xiaolei, a translation major in a university in Beijing. After a semester of heavy professional courses, summer vacation is a rare opportunity for him to relax. Liu Xiaolei arranged an inter provincial trip for himself. Looking forward to tourism, Liu Xiaolei hopes to visit as many provinces and cities as possible, taste local food, and experience different urban culture and heritage“ For example, go to Shanghai to experience the prosperity of modern cities, or take a cruise to Suzhou and Hangzhou to enjoy the night scenery, or go to Changsha to experience the night life culture of the new Internet red city… “In his opinion, the tour not only relaxed the body and mind, but also increased a lot of soft knowledge.

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