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The progress of Shanxi’s double reduction work

On July 13, the Ministry of education added a column on “double reduction” in action on its website, saying that the column will be used to introduce the experience of promoting “double reduction” work in various places. Today, Shanxi Province has made progress in the disclosure of double reductions.

Li Qiuzhu, secretary and director of the Party committee of the Shanxi Provincial Department of education, said that reducing the burden of students and the burden of off campus training at the compulsory education stage is a major decision making made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, which is related to the physical and mental health of young children and the high quality development of compulsory education. Shanxi province thoroughly implements the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on the “double reduction” work, resolutely carries out the responsibility of “double reduction” and promotes the connotation development and quality improvement of compulsory education as the goal. With the strengthening of “five management” and “ten measures” as the starting point, it continues to push the modernization of educational governance system and governance capacity.

From a strategic point of view, Li qiuzhu stressed that the provincial Party committee and the provincial government of Shanxi take promoting the “double reduction” as an important political task, and as a practical action to enhance the “Four Consciousness”, firm the “four confidence” and achieve the “two maintenance” in the field of education, the main leaders have listened to special reports for many times and made instructions and instructions on promoting the “double reduction”. The Provincial Department of Education held a party group meeting for the first time to study the deployment, hold a special forum, a pilot start-up meeting, and a work promotion meeting, convey the relevant requirements of the central government, listen to local reports, conduct in-depth investigation, and seriously formulate plans, so as to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of “double reduction” and achieve real results on the basis of Changzhi pilot project.

From the perspective of implementation, Li qiuzhu said that at present, 60 counties (cities and districts) in Shanxi Province have carried out “double reduction” pilot work focusing on providing on campus weekend services, renovating discipline off campus training, making rational use of off campus resources, and innovating training charging mode, covering all districts and cities in the province.

The specific work progress is as follows:

Carry out after class service and strengthen homework management.

In December 2020, the Provincial Department of education and other five departments issued the “guidance on doing a good job of after-school service for primary and secondary school students” to promote the extensive development of after-school service in primary and secondary schools. At present, all 11 cities divided into districts have started to implement after-school services, and they are guaranteed by means of financial subsidies and reasonable sharing of operating costs with parents. There are 3190 schools providing after-school services in the province, involving 1474600 students and 110600 teachers. At the same time, according to the spirit of the Ministry of education’s document on strengthening the “five management”, Shanxi issued the “ten measures to promote the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students”, which has clear specific requirements for reducing students’ homework burden. Since its release on May 14 this year, it has had a positive response in all parts of the province, schools and even the whole society.