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Over 70% of parents of primary school students interviewed

Recently, the general office of the Ministry of Education issued the “notice on supporting the exploration of summer trusteeship service”, guiding and supporting qualified places to actively explore and carry out summer trusteeship service. Now many places have launched summer hosting services one after another. What concerns and expectations do parents have?

This week, the social survey center of China Youth Daily conducted a survey on 2053 parents of primary school students through wenjuan.com, which showed that 74.6% of the parents interviewed would consider participating in the summer trusteeship organized by the education system. Whether the schedule is in line with the children’s interests (66.7%) and whether the safety management measures are in place (65.9%) are the main concerns of the parents. 61.1% of the parents expected to strengthen the participation of social forces and enrich the content of summer trusteeship.

Among the parents interviewed, 31.1% came from the first tier cities, 40.5% from the second tier cities, 20.9% from the third and fourth tier cities, 6.1% from the county or town, and 1.4% from the rural areas.

81.6% of the parents surveyed said they would be troubled by their children’s summer vacation

Zhang Min (not her real name), whose hometown is in Dalian, is now in the third grade of primary school in Beijing. She usually arranges her children’s summer life early. “Usually, after a holiday, she will send her children back to her hometown for a period of time. The old people will help take care of the children. She will also apply for summer interest classes such as painting for her children.”.

Dong Xin (a pseudonym), who lives in Tianjin, usually arranges some interest classes for primary school children in the summer vacation. “Children participate in the school football team, and sometimes have training during the vacation. Coupled with other interest classes, their summer life is still full.”.

According to the data, 45.9% of the parents interviewed will leave their children to their elders or other relatives to take care of their children during the summer vacation, and 43.6% of the parents interviewed will report their children to summer camp, study tour and other programs. Other arrangements include: tutoring class (43.4%), interest class (40.8%), trusteeship (32.5%), traveling with children (27.2%) and leaving children at home alone (26.9%).