At least 12 kinds of food in the school cafeteria every day

“Leaders” of Education Bureau and wechat to transfer money

Not a liar

Backhand also frozen 530000 yuan of cheaters

Recently, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province

The operation of a PE teacher is amazing

How did he do it?

Swindlers impersonate leaders to make friends

P.E. teachers see through details

Recently, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province

Music teacher of Fucheng primary school

Received a wechat friend application

The other side claimed to be a leader of the Education Bureau

And take the initiative to talk to teacher le

However, take a closer look

The “leader” typed his name wrong

What’s more, you can feel it in the other person’s words

The other side didn’t seem to know he was a PE teacher at all

These details aroused the vigilance of teacher le

On the same day, it was verified with the school and Education Bureau

Teacher Le confirmed that he had met a liar

And called the police immediately

The police suggested that he should deal with the swindler first

Try to get as many bank accounts as possible

To help the police freeze their funds

Reduce the loss of other victims

A backhand freezes 530000 yuan!

He cheated the swindler

The next day, “leader” found teacher le

Ask him to help with a private matter:

Use his card as a transfer

Transfer a sum of money to “superior leaders”

The other party soon sent a card

Screenshot of the successful transfer of 80000 yuan to teacher le