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Watch out for summer off campus Discipline Training

Summer starts. Recently, the reporter visited a number of off-campus training institutions in Beijing and found that many off-campus training institutions have resumed offline teaching as the Municipal Education Commission has informed some institutions to resume classes. However, compared with the previous “hard to find” grand occasion, this year’s summer training class seems a little lonely. Near the opening of the class, there are still many institutions whose enrollment quota is not full. At the same time, the reporter found that the one-to-one door-to-door service as the main form of family education market showed a warming trend.

Why is “Tutoring fever” rising this summer? What’s the new face? This reporter launched an investigation.

“Substitution effect” boosts the popularity of tutoring

Recently, Ms. Wang, a parent living in Haidian District of Beijing, found that the advertisements of off campus training institutions that used to roll in the elevator room have quietly become the advertisements of a college student’s summer tutor.

Mr. Li, whose child is about to enter the fifth grade, also told reporters that as the surrounding training institutions have not resumed offline classes, he is consulting the tutor class, which will be the first time he and his child receive such services.

Mr. Li said that due to the fact that the resumption campus is far away from home, and the face-to-face teaching is changed to online teaching, this year, compared with institutional training, some of his friends chose tutoring service.

According to Li Liguo, vice president of the school of education of Renmin University of China, as a traditional way of off campus training, the tutoring market used to be the main channel for many students to get extra-curricular “extra meals”. However, with the large-scale development of the off campus training market, more credible institutional training is favored by some parents.

Why is the family education market warming up this summer?

“To a certain extent, we can regard the” Tutoring craze “as the” substitution effect “under the strong supervision of the off campus training market.” Li Liguo said.