Teachers of all subjects wear "Hanfu" in class

How to implement compulsory education in schools

The news conference held on July 13 proposed that the school should play a good role as the main channel and position in both after-school service and summer trusteeship.

Not long ago, the 19th meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform put forward that the fundamental strategy to reduce the burden on students is to comprehensively improve the quality of school teaching, so that we should teach as much as possible, and strengthen the main role of school education. We should encourage and support schools to carry out various after-school education activities to meet the diverse needs of students.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of education, by the end of May, 102000 compulsory education schools across the country had carried out after-school services. At the same time, many local summer trusteeship service measures have also been introduced.

Does summer trusteeship mean the cancellation of teachers’ summer and winter vacation? This is one of the hottest topics in the society recently. Today, Lu Yugang, director of the Department of basic education of the Ministry of education, gave a reply: “there is no basis for such a statement.”

Recently, the general office of the Ministry of Education issued the “notice on supporting the exploration of summer trusteeship services” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”)《 According to the notice, it is necessary to arrange the time for teachers to participate in the trusteeship service, protect the rights and interests of teachers according to law, not only guarantee the necessary rest time for teachers in summer vacation, but also set aside time for teachers to participate in summer teaching, research and training.

LV Yugang said that teachers who volunteer should be given appropriate subsidies, and the performance of voluntary service should be taken as an important reference for evaluation.

LV Yugang also pointed out that while encouraging teachers to volunteer to participate in the summer trusteeship service, we should also mobilize and support social professionals to participate in the trusteeship service. We can not only bring social volunteers to schools to provide summer care services for students with teachers, but also encourage social volunteers to actively undertake the care services of community, Communist Youth League and women’s Federation.

“Sanya in Hainan, for example, has attracted many college students’ volunteers to participate in the summer trusteeship, which is also a kind of social practice of college students.” Lu Yugang said.

According to the notice, all localities should proceed from local conditions and encourage qualified schools to actively undertake the summer trusteeship service for students. At the same time, the education department should actively cooperate with the Communist Youth League, women’s Federation, trade union, community and other organizations to carry out various forms of summer trusteeship service through various channels.

Some parents worry that “summer trusteeship will become the third semester”.