Every day is worth it

Don’t read, is how others bully you, how you bully others

A high praise replied:

“Without sufficient knowledge as a prerequisite, even if you have traveled 10,000 miles, you are only a postman.”

Every day is worth it

Without sufficient knowledge reserve, even if you see the beautiful scenery, it is difficult to use the “sunset rosy clouds and lone ducks fly together, the autumn sky and the same color” such vivid sentences to describe.

Even if encounter again beautiful beauty, in the mind also hard think of “qiao qianxi, beautiful looking forward to Xi” such appropriate description.

Even if encounter again happy things, it is difficult to use the “spring breeze horseshoe disease, a day to see all the flowers in Chang ‘an” to express the joy of the heart.

More than that, Dr. Zhang Wenhong once said a very penetrating sentence:

“Don’t read, is how others bully you, how you bully back.

But if you read too many books, you will choose not to be associated with these people.

You know what bullying looks like when you’ve been used to it, and you have to be kind to those younger and less powerful than you.”

Yes, there is no book in life for nothing. Every page counts.

In addition to writing love letters to loved ones, the words you learn in Chinese class will help you learn wisdom from the writings of your predecessors in times of trouble.

In math class, you might not even need to use the formula when you’re shopping for vegetables, but it allows you to quickly analyze which makes more money when you’re buying funds or making investments.

Besides allowing you to watch American TV series without watching the subtitles in English class, the sentences in English class also allow you to easily communicate with others and deeply experience the local culture when traveling.

I am not sure that all the knowledge I acquire now will be of use, but a good part of it will be of use throughout my life.

As the saying goes:

“I have always believed that all the books I have read will not be for nothing, and that it will help me to perform better on some occasion in the future.”

Indeed, no pains, no gains, no pains, no gains.

Those who have suffered, those who have read, will eventually make a wide road, lead you to where you want to go.

Zhihu had a question: “What moments do you regret that you didn’t study well in high school?”

There was a great response:

“The first regret is my inability to choose a job I liked;

The second regret is that you don’t have the ability to pursue the one you love. Therefore, for the rest of your life, there is only compromise and powerlessness.”

The greatest sadness in life, than in the age of should study hard, hard struggle, choose easy.

Finally, I would like to share with you a letter from a father to his son:

“The books that you read much today are the wings that will soar tomorrow.

A little more knowledge today will save a word tomorrow.

Boy, I’d rather owe you a crazy adolescence than a humble adulthood.

Reading is hard, but it is the way you see the world.”

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