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More and more places have launched the inclusive policy

This year’s summer vacation is very different from previous years – inclusive summer hosting classes are launched in many places across the country. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued the notice on supporting the exploration of summer trusteeship service. Up to now, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing… At least a dozen cities have introduced summer hosting service policies, and some have already opened hosting classes.

Summer trusteeship classes gradually launched

Some places have a preliminary “water test”.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission said on the 2nd that it will officially launch the student summer trusteeship service. Specifically, the District Education Commission will organize the trusteeship service for primary school students from grade one to grade five. Soon, parents of students in Dongcheng District of Beijing received the school notice in wechat group. On the 5th, a school in Xicheng District informed parents that they could apply for the summer trusteeship class: the trusteeship service is divided into two periods, and each student is limited to one period; The hosting time is from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In some places, the practice has been carried out for many years.

On the morning of July 5, Bao Jingxuan, a primary school student, walked into a trusteeship class in Xuhui District of Shanghai. A college student specially designed simple and easy to understand teaching cards for the children in the class“ I remember the Opium War, which is something I haven’t learned yet. ” Bao Jingxuan said.

It is understood that as early as 2014, Shanghai officially established the love summer care class for primary school students. In addition to the suspension in 2020 due to the epidemic situation, a total of 2382 summer care classes have been opened, serving more than 180000 primary school students.

On the morning of June 6, 50 children created their favorite clay sculptures in the summer vacation community trusteeship room of Qinyuan Road community, Wuchang District, Wuhan.

In recent years, more than 300 community trusteeship rooms have been set up in Wuhan every year, with nearly 20000 people participating. Since the start of registration on June 30, more than 9000 primary school students have signed up. The first batch of 114 municipal trusteeship rooms were officially opened on July 5.

The Ministry of education has made it clear that the trusteeship service is voluntary and not compulsory. It can be seen from the measures announced by various places that the trusteeship classes are mainly for local primary school students. In some places, left behind children, children of migrant workers, students from poor families, disabled children, etc. are given priority or priority services.