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In Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, ket and pet in the Cambridge cet-5 (hereinafter referred to as the “sword five test”) have become the stepping stones to further education in recent years, leading to a lot of chaos. On March 31, China Education Examination website, the official website of the Ministry of education’s examination center under the Ministry of education, announced that the Ministry of education’s examination center will no longer undertake the Jianwu examination from now on.

However, the parents of students have not returned to Rationality: the number of ket and pet test groups in Macao is full, and the popularity of new alternative test small TOEFL is gradually rising… Behind these phenomena is that the off campus training institutions are still selling education anxiety, and the social psychology of foreign test fever still exists. In this regard, education experts call for the overall management of the foreign exam fever and off campus training institutions, and truly eradicate the soil of the foreign exam fever.

You can’t get a test place with 8 times of registration fee

The so-called ket and pet correspond to the first level and the second level of Jianwu examination respectively. In addition, there are FCE (Level 3), CAE (Level 4) and CPE (Level 5). Those who have passed the Jianwu examination are awarded a certificate by the local examination committee of Cambridge University, which is often the basis for studying abroad or recruiting students from international schools.

Chen Zhiwen, executive director of the China Association for international exchange of education and vice president of the overseas study branch, said that the difficulty is equivalent to ket and pet in junior and senior high school English tests, but now it is mainly for primary school students“ In recent years, the number of applicants for ket and pet has increased rapidly because of the cancellation of some competitions and examinations outside schools and the fact that some schools take ket and pet scores for reference

The rapid increase in the number of candidates will inevitably lead to the fierce competition for examination places. In March this year, parents would have to spend about 4000 yuan on the registration fee for the Jianwu test, which was only 500 yuan. In this way, they may not be able to get the test place.

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