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Relieve parents’ anxiety

Today, the Education Bureau of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, issued a notice on doing a good job in the balanced class arrangement of compulsory education schools, requiring compulsory education schools to standardize the implementation of balanced class arrangement and forbidding the establishment of key classes, fast and slow classes and experimental classes in any name.

Ningbo Municipal Education Bureau official said that in the context of compulsory education “citizens with enrollment” policy, it is more important to do a good job of balanced class arrangement. This is an important measure for the city to respond to social concerns, alleviate parents’ anxiety, put an end to the wind of “class selection”, and create a positive educational environment and educational equity.

According to the notice, all primary schools, junior high schools and nine-year schools in Ningbo at the stage of compulsory education, including private schools, should do a good job of balanced class arrangement according to regulations. Based on the comprehensive consideration of the structure of students, gender composition, community (Village) and class size, the first grade of primary school is divided into balanced classes in a random way; According to a certain examination result determined by the district (city) education administrative department, the initial grade of junior high school is arranged according to the “s” type balanced arrangement, so as to ensure the basic balance of students in each class.

All schools of compulsory education in Ningbo should reasonably arrange the first grade head teachers and subject teachers according to the teaching age, gender, professional title and discipline of the teachers, and should not allocate the backbone teachers and teachers with high social recognition to one or several classes, so as to ensure the basic balance of the composition of the teacher team in each class. Each school’s class arrangement plan should be reported to the competent education administrative department for the record in advance, and through the school’s official website or wechat, campus bulletin board and other channels, actively open the balanced class arrangement plan for freshmen, and publish the teachers and other related information. The education bureaus of all districts, counties and cities in the city have announced the telephone number for handling the report on the problem of balanced class arrangement.

After the implementation of balanced class arrangement, the responsible person of Ningbo Education Bureau said that there is no conflict between balanced class arrangement and stratified class arrangement. The hierarchical teaching of junior middle school should be based on the administrative class, and should be implemented in strict accordance with the guiding opinions of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department office on actively promoting the hierarchical teaching reform of junior middle school basic courses (Trial) (ZJJ [2017] No. 84). It is not allowed to set up fast and slow classes in this name in disguise.

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