The four famous universities in Changsha no longer have the advantages of recruiting students in the whole province. Will the advantages of the college entrance examination be so great in three years?

Beijing Municipal Commission of Education

On July 13, the Ministry of Education held a news conference on after-school service and summer trusteeship service of compulsory education. Beijing’s next step is to adjust the end time of after-school service to 18 o’clock, a person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission said at the meeting.

According to the person in charge, the summer trusteeship service in Beijing starts on July 19 and ends on August 20. It is divided into two periods, with each period of 12 days. The service objects are primary school students from grade one to grade five in 2020-2021 school year. The District Education Committee shall coordinate the schools to recruit students who have signed up for summer trusteeship service according to their actual residence. The summer care service is mainly nursing. The contents mainly include providing learning places, opening libraries and reading rooms, organizing sports activities, etc. Discipline training and group teaching are not allowed. Summer trusteeship service is mainly to help students who really need it. Parents and students voluntarily choose to participate in the trusteeship service according to the actual situation. Schools can not force students to participate, let alone mobilize them not to participate; At the same time, we should guide teachers to participate in voluntary service, encourage cadres and teachers to take the initiative to participate in voluntary service, and actively guide excellent teachers such as super grade teachers, discipline leaders and backbone head teachers to participate in trusteeship service. At the same time, each district is required to organize the training of teachers participating in the trusteeship service. In the process of summer trusteeship service, all district education committees should put the safety of teachers and students in the first place, implement the campus closed management, strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safety of students’ lunch.

It should be emphasized that the implementation of student summer trusteeship service in Beijing is not to cancel the summer vacation. The district education committees should co-ordinate the teacher resources of the whole district, and reasonably select and arrange teachers to participate in the trusteeship service on the basis of not affecting the normal rest and further training.

With regard to after-school service, Beijing first provides full coverage of after-school service. All schools in the city’s compulsory education stage provide after-school services five days a week. The second is to ensure the length of service after class. The end time of after-school service is not earlier than 17:30, and it will be adjusted to 18:00 next. Third, enrich the after-school service content. On the basis of providing physical exercise and comprehensive quality development activities, we should increase question answering guidance and consolidate the improved schoolwork. Fourth, insist on students’ voluntary participation. It is not allowed to force students to participate in after-school service, and it is not allowed to refuse the request of students to participate. Fifth, optimize the teaching staff. After class service is mainly provided by the teachers of the school. The district education committees are encouraged to coordinate the high-quality teachers in the region to help other schools. Homework guidance and answering can break the boundaries between schools, grades and classes. Sixth, do a good job in security work. Do a good job in the ideological work of teachers and implement the fund guarantee. Teachers’ participation in after-school service should be included in the performance appraisal and evaluation, and the after-school service should be included in the school running evaluation.