Every day is worth it

Why is this village so strong?

Behind plum Seven’s worldwide fame, there are more than 20,000 pieces of material, 40,000 back and forth switches, 25 steps per piece of material, walking about 260 kilometers…

“There is no overnight success, it is all steel.”

Every day is worth it

Even with such hardships, how many of the hundreds of millions of people in China are lucky enough to be Li Jiaqi and Plum Qi?

Do you still remember Xu Mengnan who got zero points in the college entrance examination?

Ten years ago, he wrote “My name is Xu Mengnan and my test number is ×××” on each answer sheet to express his dissatisfaction with the current education system.

Ten years later, he had to face the “reality” and return to the examination room of the college entrance examination.

Ten years ago, after his college entrance examination, he worked in factories all over the country — assembling advertising boxes, making manhole covers, packaging sanitary products…He did all the dirty work.

Ten years later, he said:

“For farmers’ children like me, the gaokao was an opportunity to change our fate, and I wasted it.”

He regretted it.

But life can not come again, even if lost, the youth, the best time to study, also never come back.

I saw this news on the Internet a few days ago.

In qianshan, Anhui province, a village with only 3,000 people, there have been 334 college students, including 34 master’s degree and 26 doctor’s degree, making it a well-known “Doctor’s village” in the area.

Why can this village be so powerful?

It is said that education always comes first in Upwater village.

Children than food and clothing, only than the study, whose children study better, who is the village in the mind of the “glory”.

Many villagers’ homes are also hung with a banner that says, “Boat against the current, one pole of strength to retreat qianxun,” to encourage their children to study hard.

Those children know better than anyone that reading is the only shortcut for them to get out of the mountains.

Someone says:

“[Some] children really have no other way to go except to school. Exams are not the only way, but the fairest way. If you don’t read books, what will you fight with others?”

From the “useless study” theory prevailed before, now more and more people are eager to get into famous schools and get a higher degree.

The truth is simple, because more and more people have come to understand:

Education is not the goal, but the stepping-stone, reading is not the only way out, but this life is the easiest way to go.

A person on Zhihu asked: “Should young people learn more about the world and spend their tuition on studying or travel around the world?”

A high praise replied:

“Without sufficient knowledge as a prerequisite, even if you have traveled 10,000 miles, you are only a postman.”

I think so.

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