After the college entrance examination results are announced

“Double circulation inside and outside school”

Under the complicated and severe employment situation, ouyuxiong, a 2021 graduate of Fuzhou Vocational and technical college, has been admitted to Fuzhou as an environmental protection technology enterprise“ Professional counterparts, and good income. ” Ouyuxiong is very satisfied with this.

The reason why ouyuxiong’s job search road is smooth is due to the employment and entrepreneurship ecological system of “double cycle inside and outside the school” of Fuzhou Vocational and technical college, namely the internal cycle of “professional education career education channel support employment tracking” and the off campus cycle of “school enterprise cooperation enterprise tutor talent market multiple evaluation”.

“The internal and external circulation promote each other, forming a new pattern of double cycle inside and outside the school, which effectively improves the quality and level of employment and entrepreneurship.” Liu Chunlan, vice president of Fuzhou Vocational and technical college, said that the average professional matching rate of the school in recent three years reached more than 84%, and the employer satisfaction reached over 98%. It was awarded to the typical universities for graduates’ employment and the national innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration University.

School cycle:

The whole process coverage promotes the closed-loop of talent training

“I was in freshman school when I wanted to upgrade my major. Later, through the professional education and career planning education, I found that I prefer to operate, and I made it clear that I would be directly employed after graduation in sophomore Ouyuxiong is a mechanical and electrical maintenance, after graduation, successfully entered the post internship enterprise.

In the school, Fuzhou Vocational and technical college has established a full-process education system of “vocational guidance, vocational evaluation, classification training and job application practice”.