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Life and study are well arranged

Experts from the national health education and Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of education have put forward the key points for healthy life of college students in summer 2021, and guide the students to strengthen the awareness of “health first responsible person”, arrange their lives and study reasonably in summer, actively participate in epidemic prevention and control and healthy life.

The key points are to remind the six aspects of summer epidemic prevention and control, life, work and rest, scientific diet, etc“ It is still important to wear masks scientifically and prevent and control new crowns. ” Tips to prevent COVID-19 from wearing masks, especially when using public transport and in crowded and closed places such as supermarkets, shopping malls and cinemas, wear masks all the time.

“Life should be regular, sleep exercise can not be less.” The key point is to remind you to work and rest on time and stay up late, and ensure 8 hours of sleep every day. Adhere to participate in various forms of outdoor activities and physical exercise, exercise an hour every day. Home exercise can be used for push ups, sit ups and other simple and easy physical exercises.

“Wash your hands frequently and keep your hands clean. Keep in mind if you prevent infection.” The key point is to remind that hand washing should adhere to the “seven step washing method” and keep the hand clean. Wash hands before going out and returning, before eating and after defecating. Don’t touch mouth and nose or rub eyes at will. In summer, we will not go to the middle and high-risk areas in China, and visit relatives and friends to protect themselves from the journey.

In view of scientific diet, the key point is to remind “food nutrition should be balanced, food safety should be paid attention to”. Diet should pay attention to balanced nutrition, avoid overeating, eat less snacks and fried food, drink less drinks (products). Food is easy to deteriorate in summer. Beware of food poisoning.

“Online learning can not be long, love eyes to protect the eye and remember the heart.” The key point is to avoid using mobile phones and computers for a long time. When using a computer, the distance between eyes and screen should be no less than 50 cm. Pay attention to the protection of vision. When learning online and video conference, choose the electronic products with large screen and high resolution as far as possible, and adjust the brightness according to the environment.

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