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Teachers’ happiness is gone

Many people want to be a teacher. Teachers have stable work, high social status and respect. The most important thing is that teachers have more holidays. They can enjoy a winter vacation and a summer vacation every year.

For teachers, they can take advantage of winter and summer vacation to have a good rest and prepare for the work of the new semester. But recently there is bad news that many teachers may not be able to take the summer vacation.

Winter vacation and summer vacation are teachers’ unique “welfare”

In addition to teachers, most of the other work is rest according to the legal holidays, the rest of the time are at work, more hard.

But teachers are not the same. In addition to the normal statutory holidays, teachers can also take winter vacation and summer vacation every year, which is a unique welfare for teachers.

This is also because teachers work hard. At work, teachers often arrive at school at more than 7 o’clock, and it is normal to work overtime at night. Usually pay more hard, so more holidays is a matter of course.

In addition, students are under great pressure to study, so they can’t study all the time, so they take summer vacation every year. It is meaningless for the teachers to stay in the school after the students have a holiday, so the teachers will take the winter and summer vacation.

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