How about Yangtze University? good or not?

Top 985 another female doctor from NTU

As you all know, Nanjing University is the top 985 University in our country. It ranks the top in China. Besides Fudan Zhejiang University, the students who can take Nanjing University are not idle people. They are really one of a hundred talents. After graduation, the future should be bright! However, in recent two years, Nanjing University has been a strange occurrence, and many master’s and doctoral students have died. On May 11 this year, another tragedy appeared in Gulou campus of Nanjing University: another female doctor died!

It is understood that the female doctor is usually good character, get along with the students, high level of scientific research, published a lot of high-quality papers! As long as I graduate, a good life is waiting for her, but why can’t I think about it?

According to her chat record with her good friends, it is also a disaster for her tutor! In ordinary times, her tutor is to let her do something unrelated to research experiments, buy things, run legs, which leads to her no time to do experiments and finish graduation thesis. Usually the tutor gives guidance, really let her heart suffer a lot of harm! Later, she felt that this was not a way, so she proposed to the counselor to change the teacher. As a result, the counselor thought it was not good to start the matter, otherwise, it would be very difficult for everyone to ask for a teacher change later, and her work was not good! It was the teacher who was responsible for it.