The four famous universities in Changsha no longer have the advantages of recruiting students in the whole province. Will the advantages of the college entrance examination be so great in three years?

Zhang Wenhong is employed by Nanjing University

Nanjing University is one of the famous institutions of higher learning in China. Recently, the Institute of virus and infectious diseases was officially established in Nanjing University. It is worth noting that Mr. Zhang Wenhong was appointed as an adjunct professor and honorary director of the Institute, which caused discussion among netizens.

Mr. Zhang Wenhong is a famous scholar in the field of infectious disease prevention and control in China. He has also done a lot of meaningful things to the society in the fight against the epidemic. He is a native of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. He is 52 years old and has a doctor’s degree. He graduated from Shanghai Medical University (now medical school of Fudan University) and enjoys a high reputation in the field of infectious disease prevention and control.

Appointment ceremony

At the unveiling ceremony, the relevant staff of Nanjing University issued the appointment certificate for Mr. Zhang Wenhong. Although he did not work full-time in Nanjing University, the “invisible” resources brought by Mr. Zhang Wenhong were also needed by Nanjing University.

Although Nanjing University is a well-known university in the world, its research in the medical field does not have advantages among universities of the same level. From the fourth round of discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of education, we can see that many medical disciplines of Nanjing University, such as basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, public health and preventive medicine, have not been listed, The medicine of Nanjing University is really ordinary. In this case, if Nanjing University wants to develop medicine, it needs to strive for more development resources.