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Real feedback from many parents

The importance of English is self-evident.

We learned English as a child, more to deal with the exam. But as our generation became parents, we gradually realized that English is not only an examination subject, but also a language.

To learn a language well, it is not only input but also output.

However, due to the restrictions of the surrounding environment, children rarely have the opportunity to export English, so more and more parents choose to use the form of supplementary classes to help children increase their output opportunities.

But English classes are coming out in endlessly. What should I do?

In order to solve the parents’ choice problem, fish Sir organized the advantages and disadvantages of 12 children English classes and parents’ real feedback this time!

The list of specific institutions includes:

1、 Live English class for children: vipkid, whale class, 51talk, acasso, magic ear 2. Children English video class: creak, Tencent happy mouse, zebra English, monkey English, guagualong English 3. English online class: think online school, apes guidance

Let’s have a look!

1、 Children English live class


Parents’ real feedback:


Vipkid is mainly self-study. The whole course combines quality education with exam oriented education, and pays attention to the cultivation of children’s English application ability.


From L2 level, most of the courseware content of vipkid is presented in the form of pictures and pictures. Compared with the same type of children English course, its interest will be lower.

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